The top 5 ideal cafes in Da Nang to enjoy the city from above

Open space, quiet and beautiful view, that's the plus point of the elevated cafés which are increasingly popular in Danang.

Cafe Green Plaza

Located on the 20th floor of the Green Plaza and bearing the same name with the buildings, this café is an ideal spot for a panoramic view of Danang. The café overlooks the poetic Han River.

Going to Cafe Green Plaza, you will be satisfied to see the whole city on the Han River. On weekend evenings, when the city lights up and the streets become crowded with passer-bys, you will have great feeling to explore the rhythm of life from above.

Address: 238 Bach Dang, Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District

Cafe Bar Sky36

Cafe Bar Sky36 is located on 35-36th floors (166m respectively) at the Novotel building, Bach Dang. It is also known as one of the most famous top-floor bars in Vietnam. The main emphasis is in the modern, elegant and exquisite style. You can choose a soft or hard seat sofa with beautifully stylized design.

The most interesting thing is the vew towards the sea. You can get to the café at sunset when the city and the sea flooded in magical colors. Quality of drinks and services in Bar Sky36 is also a highlight with many visitors. Its menu is rich with light snacks and bold taste cocktails.

Address: Floor 35 -36, Novotel Danang Premier Han River, 36 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District

Sky View Lounge

SkyView Lounge is located on the 23rd floor of Hoang Anh Gia Lai building –an ideal place for you to put your eyes for the beautiful view of the city of Da Nang. At SkyView Lounge, you will be served a variety and attractive drinks.

Enjoying the mellow city by the Han River as well as admiring Xuan Trieu beach, a corner of the Hai Van Pass and watching the planes flashing bright in the night sky ... It certainly will be great experience that SkyView Lounge brings you.

Address: Top floor, HAGL Plaza, 1 Nguyen Van Linh, Hai Chau District

Café Nui Da (Rocks Café)

Not the type of modern and bustling, Rocks café targetsvisitors who wants to enjoy the city from above with peaceful space. Situated at a height of 50m above the sea, where you can admire the panoramic view of Danang at night. Amid the scenic vistas and village style of Vietnam, it is considered an enjoyable experience.

From the restaurant, you will find many bridges over the Han River aglow squeezed in My Khe beach night or sparkling sun. Go here, you also enjoy the soothing scent, purity of forest flowers.

Address: Le Duc Tho (path Thuan Phuoc Bridge), Son Tra district

A La Carte Cafe

It is located on the top floor of the hotel A La Carte right on My Khe beach. This is a coffee shop with wonderful view for those who is looking for "cool" photos of Danang. This is also the ideal place for you to just sip a cool drink or participate in exciting DJ event. Especially , you can admire the stunning infinity pool and 360 degree panoramic view of Danang.

Address: Top floor of A La Carte Hotel Danang Beach, 200 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra District.

5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

With unique scenery, the tourist destinations below will certainly bring your trip to Ca Mau a lot of unforgettable memories.Top 5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau : 

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1. U Minh Ha National Park

Referring to the most famous sight of Ca Mau tourism, U Minh Ha National Park is certainly the name which can not be ignored. U Minh Ha National Park’s administrative boundary is located in 2 districts of Tran Minh Thoi and U Minh, is the area owing the typical fauna - flora of wetlands on peat accumulation formed by the core of plants . Here, there are more than 250 species of plants, the most common ones are melaleuca, reed,... along with many animals such as insects, birds, freshwater fish, pythons, snakes, turtles, wild boars ... This national park is listed in biosphere reserves of the world by the UNESCO.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

2. Hon Khoai

Located on the territory of Ngoc Hien district, 14,6km from the mainland, Hon Khoai - the most beautiful island in the South West is also a Ca Mau’s attractive destination where visitors can not miss. Starting in Rach Goc town, after about 3 hours of sailing, guests will be able to admire the poetic beauty of Hon Khoai. Upon setting foot on the island, you will quickly be enthralled by the wild strokes here with rounded pebble as goose eggs, green “carpet” of primary forest with many valuable trees and rare animals. Estimated, Hon Khoai Island has more than 1,000 species of plants and hundreds of species of birds and animals which are living and growing.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

Added to this, on the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is still a lighthouse built by the French at the end of the 19th century. From this lighthouse, visitors can take in the views the beauty of the five surrounding satellite islands and Ca Mau cape with a telescope.

3. Hon Da Bac

Da Bac Islet is located in Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, and approximately 50km travelling by waterway from Ca Mau City. This is a cluster of three islands located close to the coast and having great potential for eco-tourism. Hon Da Bac is famous for its beauty and colorful boulders, it is estimated to have existed for about 180 million years. The island is connected to the shore by a long bridge. When visiting Da Bac islet, tourists will admire numerous stacked stones creating unique shapes like Fairy’s hand, feet, Fairy wells or Fairy yard ...
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

4. The Cape of Ca Mau

Ca Mau Cape - the southernmost point of the country, where almost every travellers want to once visit in a lifetime. The cape of Ca Mau is located more than 120km fro Ca Mau city in the waterway, and is the only place in Vietnam where visitors can admire the sun rising in the East Sea and setting in the West Sea. Ca Mau Cape was explored in the late 17th century, early 18th century. The inhabitants here include Vietnamese, Khmer and Chinese.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

5. Ca Mau Floating Market

Coming to the West without going to the floating market is a deeply regrettable thing for tourists. Going to Ca Mau, too, besides exploring the above famous sights, floating market is also a place where visitors should definitely come. Ca Mau floating market is located in the heart of the city of Ca Mau, at the end of Ganh Hao River. This floating market is no less busy and bustling than the floating markets in the West. Here, there are hundreds of boats, large and small boats loaded with goods for trading and exchanging.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

Like Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho or Cai Be market in Tien Giang… Ca Mau Floating Market previously also purchased all sorts of items, but so far, it only concentrates on buying farm produce on wholesale and fruit and vegetables for traders. Although these types of items are no longer as diverse as the ancient time, Ca Mau floating market with the unique characteristics of the western rivers still has a huge attraction for tourists who have an opportunity to travel to Ca Mau.

4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

Quan Son Lake, Ba Vi, or Tam Dao, Da river cruises are the ideal spots for friends and family members during the weekend. They are considered the golden addresses for tourists to escape the tumult of the city.

Quan Son Lake

About 40 km from the center of Hanoi, Quan Son Lake (My Duc district) with beautiful lake scenery attracts many tourists. This is the most beautiful time of year with blooming lotus.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

From Hanoi, you can travel by motorcycle or bus along Ha Dong - Ba La - Van Dinh, along the dike to Quan Son Lake. With an area of the reservoir of 850ha, this lake is suitable for sightseeing. Fares to visit the lake is 15,000 VNdong/ person, 5000 VND/ motorcycle keeping, boat ticket for 140,000 VNdong/ 4 people.

Quan Son Lake is a complex of many small islands on the lake leaning on each other. In addition to admiring the beautiful scenery between the islets, taking pictures with the soft lotus petals, tourists can visit Linh Son ancient temple at the foot of the mountain of Linh Son and Linh Son Cave with beautiful stalactites.

Ba Vi National Park

Located in the territory of Son Tay district, Ba Vi National Park becomes a favourite destination for the weekend of Hanoi people. Situated at a height of 1.100m above sea level, wit cool climate all year round coverage of primary forest ecosystems, Ba Vi is planned to be a peaceful and cool recreation spot.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

About 70 km from Hanoi, it takes travellers about 1 hour to travel by motorbike, or you van cycle here. The entrance fee is 40,000 VND/ person, half-price for students, pupils, children. From the gate of Ba Vi National Park with wide and clean campus, there are lines of giant crape-myrtle whose leaves start to grow create a very poetic setting.

One of the most impressive thing here are traces of villas in French architecture built from the 1940s. Visitors will admire the walls covered by vines and moss. Also, visitors can stroll to Thuong Temple, the Temple of Uncle Ho, the collapsed church, climb the mountain to enjoy the views of Son Tay town from above.

Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)

In recent years, Tam Dao has become a familiar destination for travel lovers. Starting from Hanoi, tourists have to move about 2 hours by motorbike or car to get here. It is noticeable that, the road to Tam Dao has sleeve bends; therefore, you should not use scooters or if your driving skill is not really good, the unwanted accident might happen during the journey.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

Tam Dao has fresh, clear air, mellow weather with chilly mist that gives visitors relaxed moments like in Sapa or Dalat.

In addition, Tam Dao has many new and interesting destinations, experiences suitable for both young people and families with young children. Interesting destinations consist of Cong Troi (Heaven Gate), ancient church, the TV tower. Dia Nguc (Hell) Temple is also a notable landmark.

Walking around Song Da (Da river) reservoir (Hoa Binh province)

Hoa Binh province is seen as the convergence of interesting things, from the way of Ba Khan crossing Thung Khe Pass to Go Lao waterfall flowing along the mountain range besides gentle Da river.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

Da river is nearly 100 km from Hanoi, so the suitable mean of transport to come here is a motorcycle. Tourists often come here to explore Da River to feel the green of the River water blended together with the small scattered islands. Going along the path along the lake, visitors can see the simple houses of Muong people, the concrete road but absent passersby.

Especially, experiencing sitting in the iron boat in the lake will bring you much emotion, the price of boat ticket from Da Bac to Ba Khan is 300,000 VND/ turn, do not forget to look at the "market in the clouds" in Da Trang (White Rock) Pass to enjoy boiled corn, bamboo tube rice, grilled chicken eggs, by some bamboo shoots and wild vegetables for your relatives, or a basket for orchid for your lovers.

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Top highest mountains in Vietnam backpackers shouldn’t miss

Whether you are a travel lover or not, spectacular landscapes with majestic mountains, thrilling legends and beautiful trekking roads will surely make you overwhelmed. Now we invite you to visit top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam to enjoy such wonderful scenes.

1. Fansipan, Lao Cai Province

Mount Fansipan in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range is the highest in Indochina with the height of 3,143m. It is dubbed “the roof of Indochina”. It can take tourists 3-4 days to conquer this peak, depending on the route they have chosen.
Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Mount Fansipan is covered by clouds
Being one of the most mountaineering sites in Vietnam, Fansipan has the diverse flora with 1,680 species. At an altitude of over 2000m, climbers will see thick clouds and fog. But you can see the clear sky and feel low temperature when climbing higher (500-600m).

There is a stainless steel pyramid at the highest point of Fansipan. It is the memorial of Russian and Germany athletes placing here in 1984 when they reached the roof of Indochina

2. Phu Ta Leng, Lai Chau Province

Ranked as one of the most desolate and craggy mountains in Vietnam, Phu Ta Leng is in the northwest of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Its height is 3,096m, just behind Fansipan’s.

There are Hoang Lien Pass (2,600m in height) and 4D Highway between two peaks from Lao Cai to Lai Chau Province.

Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Brilliant azalea flowers on the way to Mount Phu Ta Leng
Compared to Fansipan, Phu Ta Leng is chosen to be a memorable destination by many travelers since this mountain is extremely deserted and craggy. While the arduous journey to conquer Phu Ta Leng challenges mountaineers’ courage, the mesmerizing scenery of trekking roads will be like a just rewarding.

3. Pu Si Lung, Lai Chau Province

Pu Si Lung is the massif lying in Lai Chau Province, between Da River and the upstream of Nam Na River at Vietnam-China Border. Although it comes third of the height, in fact, Pu Si Lung is the highest mountain in Vietnam with 3,775 m instead of 3,076m as announced.

Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Milestone 42 - a memorable place in the journey to conquer Mount Pu Si Lung
The way to reach the peak of Pu Si Lung sets a record of the length, up to over 48km (5 days and 4 nights).

Being one of the pristine, mysterious and charming mountains in Vietnam, Pu Si Lung is both a legend and dream destination of backpackers.

4. Bach Moc Luong Tu, Lai Chau and Lao Cai Province

Being the highest mountain in the mountain range of same name, Bach Moc Luong Tu is 3,046m above sea level. Lying between Lao Cai and Lai Chau Province, with the harsh terrain, until 2012, the way leading to the peak started being discovered.

To set foot on the highest point of Bach Moc, climbers have to overcome about 30km of forests. Furthermore, various terrains like bare hills, bamboo forests, woods or mossy crags are also challenges for mountaineers.
Top highest mountains in Vietnam
The dawn over Mount Muoi is a "specialty" of Bach Moc Luong Tu

But trust me! Maybe you won’t feel tired or bored because of the beauty of surrounding landscapes. Colorful flowers, gurgling streams and the dawn over Mount Muoi are unique gifts for those who have the determination to reach the peak.

5. Khang Su Van, Lai Chau Province

Khang Su Van is a completely new mountain on the map of Vietnam and the name “Khang Su Van” is even temporary. With the height of 3,012m, this is the fifth highest mountain in Vietnam.
Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Setting foot on Mount Khang Su Van brings climbers the great feelings
Because this mountain has just explored, the trekking road is really tough. Backpackers will have to face many difficulties, even dangers. However, like many mountains in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, brilliant azalea flowers on the way to the peak will fascinate you.

Remember to follow me in the next article to know the other mountains in Vietnam on this list and Plan your trip !

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Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination for the Young

The bamboo has been with thousands of generations of Vietnamese. Bamboo is the material which is used in maximum to make familiar things in everyday life and even fighting tools to protect the homeland. The peaceful, poetic image of bamboo has been mentioned in poetry, music, in many romantic love stories and in the legend of Thanh Giong. Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young.

Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young

About 35 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to the north, in the area of Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province, Phu An Bamboo Village is known as a base of empirical research and biodiversity conservation, sustainable development of natural resources, protecting the environment and dealing with plants.

Phu An Bamboo Village was formed in 1999, based on scientific ideas of Dr. Diep Thi My Hanh, lecturer at the University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City with the cooperation of the four organizations: Binh Duong Province People's Committee, the University of Science Ho Chi Minh city, Rhône-Alpes (France) and Pilat natural Park (France).

Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young

Teacher My Hanh and her students spent 3 years of hard work to continuous search in 12 uninterrupted years with the initial assistance of the government, international organizations. She and her students traveled from the North to the South, from Ha Giang to Ca Mau to turn the area of "Iron Triangle" to "Green Triangle" with the formation of the bamboo collection of about 1,500 bamboo bushes with over 300 species of bamboo of 17 varieties, accounting for nearly 90% bamboo varieties in Vietnam including many rare species like square bamboo.. … and spreading over an area of 10 hectares.
Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young

The symbol (logo) of Phu An Bamboo Village with superimposed two triangles with bamboo leaves on the top has voiced that sense. Tay Nam (Southwest) Tunnels not only merely mean a landmark, it is also an "underground village", a symbol of the revolution, of the war. " Underground Village " of the war this day has brought significant ecological conservation, protection and sustainable green life with "bamboo village". In the war, the area of Southwest tunnels was once famous as the "Iron Triangle".

Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young

Iron Triangle is the name given by the US military during combat in Southern Vietnam to indicate a land shown on the map as a triangle with the peaks of Ben Suc, the town of Ben Cat and a point on Thi Tinh river where is near the meeting point with Saigon river. It covered adjacent areas of the three districts of Cu Chi (HCMC), Ben Cat (Binh Duong) and Trang Bang Dong Nai and 30 - 50 km from Saigon rivers to the north - northwest; located between two major war zones including War Zone D and Duong Minh Chau of the Southeast region.

However, few people knows that region of the three communes of Tay Nam (An Dien, An Tay, Phu An) of Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province is the first point dubbed the "Iron Triangle", was a key region of the war causing many damage and failure for the US military.
Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young

Coming here, tourists will be like lost in the maze full of bamboo. Bamboo grows into overshadow ways, bamboo creates paintings of nature. The gnarled bamboo, lush bamboo arches, bamboo tunnels, bamboo trail... can be seen every where. The bigger leaves can be used to make bamboo handicrafts, bamboo spikes can be encountered in Soc Son ...

Phu An Bamboo Village is an essential destination in educating the younger generation about environmental sustainability, fantasy homeland. Coming to Phu An Bamboo Village, visitors can see the hint house samples made from bamboo, bamboo-paneled walls, the artwork on display products made of bamboo, tempetarium (zone to retain traces of hurricane to study about n climate change - or " storms container " because Phu An is never attacked by storm).

Phu An Bamboo Village, A Essential Destination  for the Young

Opened to welcome visitors since April, 2008, Phu An Bamboo Village has attracted thousands of people coming to seeing the sight, to study and to escape from the noise and busy of the city life. Phu An becomes one of the 21 villages in the world getting the award of Prix Equateur about Biodiversity given by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

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“Wild Robinson Island” in Cam Ranh Bay

If tours exploring beaches and islands in Nha Trang have become familiar, visitors should try once to experience the wild but poetic beauty of the clouds, wind and sea of Binh Ba – the “wild Robinson island” in Cam Ranh Bay.

Binh Ba Island, 60km from Nha Trang, is a relatively new destination on the tourist map. The name of Binh Ba comes from the location of the island on Cam Ranh Bay, that is, like a berrier in front of the door of the bay. As one of the first places to welcome the dawn earliestly in Vietnam, Binh Ba attracts travelers coming to the island with its wild beauty.
Visitors coming to Binh Ba island to experience a new feeling

Nom beach, Chuong beach

After 2 hours travelling by boat from Cam Ranh Bay to Binh Ba Island, visitors can admire the superb beauty of nature with clear blue beaches with stretching white sand. The sea here is not as noisy, lively as it is Nha Trang but quiet, hiding the rustic and shy beauty as the people here.

Nom beach in binh Ba island is famous for its white picturesque sandy beach
While Nom beach has picturesque white sand, Chuong beach hides countless stunning coral reefs inside. The most interesting thing in Chuong beach is the existence of two parallel streams of hot and cold water. Standing at this point, you will encounter cold water line, but just moving a few steps away, you will immediately feel warm water stream flowing through.

Seeing coral reefs and scuba diving

The unique and interesting experiences that almost everyone enjoy when visiting the island are diving and seeing the colorful corals. Owning beautiful coral reefs, the low level of sea water and clear blue water, Nha Cu (the old house) beach in Binh Ba this the ideal place for snorkeling or seeing the gorgeous 7- colour fish swamming.

Diving to see corals and colourful fish is an experience enjoyed by almost visitors
In addition, adventurous people can go along the mountainside to explore the abandoned ruins, such as artillery emplacement, defense bunkers... People who like nature should walk along the beach to watch the gorgeous iridescent shells and conches, undulating rocks, the steep cliffs and some intriguing caves. If you have time and opportunity, you can go to the top of the radar station to enjoy the panoramic view of of Binh Ba Island with the sea, the vast sky captured in sight.

Living with the locals

Attracting visitors not only with the beauty of the beaches on the island, Binh Ba also enchants tourists with the beauty of the friendliness, affability of the locals. Living with the people who are casual, rustic here, you will understand more about their hospitality. You will receive an invitation to visit the fishermen’s fish and shrimp cages or to go to their house to enjoy seafood at any time or while you are wandering on the beach.
Fishermen’s chilren play on the beach


Binh Ba is famous for big and delicious lobsters
Apart from the names of Binh Ba or " wild Robinson island ", the island is also known for the familiar name of Lobster, since it is famous for big and delicious lobsters. Khanh Hoa people have the famous saying " Hon Noi bird nest, Ninh Hoa duck, Binh Ba lobster, Dien Khanh dried deer" to tell about the famous specialties of this province. Binh Ba lobster is cooked into many dishes and the alcohol mixed with blue lobster’s blood has an unforgettable taste.

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The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year

If you're wondering about where to go in this 2016 New Year in Hanoi, you can refer to the attractive recreation spots below.

1. Countdown Festival to welcome 2016 in the area of Ly Thai To monument

As a rule, in New Year's Eve of every year, a large- scale was festival is held to countdown to the special moment the moment when the old year pass and replaced by a new year. In the night of upcoming 31/12, Ly Thai To monument area near Hoan Kiem Lake will really boom in the hectic atmosphere of the exciting activities to welcome the New Year.
The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year

Countdown Party held by Haniken is a annual activities attracting million of people, especially the young
Not only being equipped with imposing and elaborate sound and light system, Heineken Countdown Party also has the appearance of the top guests, both in Vietnam and in the world, who will present the great performances. One of them is DJ Smith Agent Smith, a music producer and famous DJ, who used to be a DJ / music producer for Rihanna, Reggie Bush, Paris Hilton ...
The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year
The stage is equipped with modern and eye catching sound and light system
Besides, the top stars of Vietnam like My Tam, Uyen Linh... are the first artists tp confirm to participate and will be ready to blow the hectic atmosphere of the upcoming party night.

To avoid crowded conditions of being robbed, you should be careful with personal items and belongings, and come here early to enjoy fully atmosphere of the festival this year.

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2. Music festival to welcome 2016 in August Revolution Square, Hanoi Opera House

Besides Heineken Countdown Party Festival, this year, the young in Hanoi will also have the opportunity to participate in a music festival which is also majestic- Yamaha Clearmen Countdown 2016. This year's program will be held in August Revolution Square Hanoi, Opera House with the topic of “Thang Long’s spirit”.
The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year
Yamaha Clearmen Countdown 2016 will be held at 8:30pm, 31/12/2015
The program will be opened by the theme “Colorful flowers, Welcome 2016 New Year", the audience will “live” in the historic moment of Thang Long through sweet melodies and performances performed by over 100 artists from Vietnam Contemporary Art Theatre.

Soon, lively music will be performed by DJs such as " the Music Witch " Touliver, King Lady, Minh Tri and top young singers in Vietnam: Toc Tien, Minh Hang, Trong Hieu Hoang Ton, 365 band, Van Mai Huong and child singers like Quang Anh - champion of the Voice Kid of Vietnam (first season).

The Most Interesting Places for Amusement in Hanoi on Occasion of 2016 New Year
The Yamaha Clearmen Countdown 2016 is an equally attrative acitivity to welcome the 2016 New Year
The main stage decorated with youthful colors, extremely modern lights and sound system as well as the light show will bring memorable music experiences to participants.

3. Climbing indoors at Kinder Park

As an interesting location for children in the New Year,Kinder Park - the continuous indoor amusement park covering an area of 2,000m2, located on the campus of West Lake Water Park - promises to become one address for children and families to "play – keep the childhood memories – be trained life skills ".

Kinder Park has indoor artificial climbing wall. It can be sai that this is a sport which not only gives you a sense of conquest, but also to do exercise and test the perseverance. Furthermore, this action sport also requires your intelligence and dexterity to conquer the peak efficiently. For kids, this is the place to satisfy a restless, createe the activeness and develop the intelligence.

Tourist Attractions near Saigon to Visit during Tet Holiday

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4 Cheap Tourist Attractions for Your Picnic in Dong Nai

Not very far from Saigon and the cost low of travel and accommodation help Dong Nai to become a favourite destination of the youth in the weekends or 1- day holidays.

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1. O Island – Dong Truong

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists go along Highway 1 toward Dong Nai province, turn left at Tri An T- junction, drive another 8 km to the center of Vinh An town (Vinh Cuu district), then drive to Dong Truong wharf . After 30 minutes sitting in the boat and wandering on Tri An lake, you will set foot on O island.

O Island in the vast lake
Coming to O Island, apart from wallowing in the green space of trees, of flowers blooming and rising winds, you'll be immersed in the cool blue water, or seek for thrills in the 15-meter high waterslide.
Additionally, you can also play games such as canoeing, Motorboat, darts, chess ... Two delicacies that you should not miss on this island are hot and sour shemibagrus vegetable soup and carame hemibagrus (shemibagrus caught in Tri An lake). If you want to stay overnight, you can rent the motels nestled under the trees or on the pine hill.

2. Mount Chua Chan

Chua Chan mountain, also called Gia Ray mountain, Gia Lao mountain, is located on Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province. At a height of 800m above the sea level, this is the second highest mountain in the Southern region and the Mekong Delta.
Chua Chan mountain
In Chua Chan mountain, both spiritual tourism and adventure tourism are developed. Gia Loc pagoda has a banyan tree with two trunks but only one top, and the festival on the full moon day in lunar July. Backpackers and adventurous travelers can go trekking to explore the mountain, go through the forest, camp overnight or indulge yourselves in the thick fog on a mountain in the early morning.
The scenery seen from the top of Chua Chan mountain
3. Ba Zot Waterfall

Ba Zot waterfall is in Phu Hoa commune, Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province and is in the Hoa Phuong ecotourism area. The road to the falls is quite smooth and convenient. Visitors drive along the Highway 20 towards Dalat, when reaching to the area of Dinh Quan district, you will see the road No. 18 leading to the waterfall (10km) on the left.
Ba Zot waterfall attracts visitors, especially the young, by its width
Ba Zot waterfall has been exploited for quite a the long with the beautiful picture of a waterfall which “is not high vertically, but attracts people with its width”, however, so far, the waterfall has been a destination for the youth in the neighbor areas.

Visiting the waterfall, in addition to admiring the beauty of the waterfall, enjoying dishes made from fresh hemibagrus, visitors often reward themselves with floating on a boat, fishing in the rugged cliffs of the waterfall, discovering the beautiful rock garden or lying in a hammock, taking a nap in the pleasant sound of the fall.

Ba Zot waterfall has a pristine beauty with the rugged rocks and surrounded by the jungle
4. Vuon Xoai (Mango Garden) Ecotourism Park

The mango trees laden with fruits are the reason that urges many tourists to visit Vuon Xoai (Mango Garden) Eco Park in Tan Cang village, Phuoc Tan commune, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province during this period.
Vuon Xoai (Mango Garden) Eco Park in Tan Cang village,
Besides looking at the mango tree laden with fruits, enjoying the fresh mango picked on the tree and rustic delicacies, napping on a hammock hung between two trees or on a carpet on the grass, tourists should not forget join the thrilling games like riding ostriches, sliding on the grass, kayaking,... you can also go around to observe the lives of wild animals.
Sliding on the grass- an interesting game in Vuon Xoai

4 Cheap Tourist Attractions for Your Picnic in Dong Nai 

The most Attractive Tourist Destinations in Quang Binh (part 1)

Quang Binh – one of the provinces in the Central, has many charming landscapes, many tourist attractions enchanting people, the historical monuments, and the world's natural heritage along with many attractive specialties. Quang Binh attracts visitors with the famous scenic spots such as Phong Nha Ke Bang tourism, Tien Son cave, primeval forest in Phong Nha - Ke Bang protected areas, Nhat Le beach, Da Nhay, Bang hot stream..., in which, Phong Nha Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

Quang Binh is both poetic and rustic

Phong Nha- Ke Bang

Referring to Quang Binh, people will think of the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, a natural landscape that the Creator has bestowed on the people of Quang Binh, a piece of land associated with the historic trophies. Here, the harmony of primary forest and Son River, along with Dry cave and the Wet cave create an ink picture captivating many people. Phong Nha - Ke Bang was recognized as a world natural heritage on 05.07.2003 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The entrance to Phong Nha
According to Vietnam Tourism, Phong Nha has two parts: the dry cave (Phong Nha) and the water cave (Tien Son) . The Dry Cave is situated on an altitude of 200m, according to geographers, from ancient time, the underground river dried up, left only the white stone arches and sapphire stone columns. The stalactites in Phong Nha cave, over millions of years of tectonics from karst limestone, being osmotic by rain water, dissolved and flew down from the roof of the cave formed extremely strange stalactites like lions, throne, the Buddha... Rainwater continued to fall to the bottom of the cave, the calcium precipitated and created stalagmites. The stone, stalagmites, stalactites and underground river are very diverse and shimmering. Perhaps Phong Nha is a convergence of all flawless beauty of nature and the best place to flourish people’s imagination.

The stalactites in Phong Nha cave
Visit Phong Nha, you can also float on pellucid Nam river whose surface is as smooth as a mirror, slowly drift into twilight, cool space in the cave, watch the stalactites various in colour and shape, listen to the music in wine party of the mountain god in the wind, admire the mightiness of the chambers, corridors limestone covered with glitter stalactites, enjoy the thrill feeling as lying in the mouth of a giant monster.

The pellucid Nam river
Situated in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang population, Thien Duong (the Paradise) cave, located on Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, is known as the "underground palace", the dry cave with marvelous landscape with many stone blocks creating an ample and beautiful structure.

The beautiful and sparkling scenery in Thien Duong cave
Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach is an ideal place for long stays, you will enjoy the taste of fresh sea breeze of Quang Binh. Quang Binh is a province in the central region, borders Ha Tinh to the north, borders South China Sea to the East, borders Laos to the West, and borders Quang Tri to the South. Nature This province’s climate is tropical monsoon, and is divided into two seasons: dry and wet. Located at the gateway to the entrance to Hue, overlapping the poetic Ngang Pass, Quang Binh spreads like a monumental painting of the nature.

Nhat Le beach attracts many tourists
The landscapes here are truly magnificent and charming. Nhat Le Beach in Quang Binh has the iridescent golden sands under green poplar forest with many beautiful beaches, shimmering emerald and unpolluted sea water.

Sunrise over Nhat Le beach
Nhat Le beach is locates on the heart of Dong Hoi city, just only 2km from the city center to the Northeast. The beach is a painting of a fairy nymph with the most romantic lyricism beauty among the beaches along the coastline of Quang Binh

The most Attractive Tourist Destinations in Quang Binh (part 2)

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Seeing Waterfalls in Dak Nong Province (Part 2)

Like many other lands in Tay Nguyen (the Central Highlands), Dak Nong is a destination attracting tourists from everywhere with wild character of the forests, waterfalls, poetic lakes among the green jungle, and especially the villages of the ethnic minorities inhabiting in this land. The diversity of the travel itinerary is a unique point of Dak Nong to tourists. Visiting Dak Nong, you can choose ecotourism, community tourism or a cultural trip. All of them will be an immensely great experience in your journey.

Tourist attractions in Dak Nong

Starting from Gia Nghia district, you can go to the following places:

From Gia Nghia, driving along Highway 14 towards Buon Ma Thuot approximately 10km, you can reach Co Tien (Fairy) waterfall with a height of 20 meters (from top to the bottom of the waterfalls, the width waterfall is about 10m.

About 44 kilometers from Gia Nghia along Provincial Highway 4 to Krong No district, we will admire the pristine and gorgeous Ngam (Underground) – Gau (Bear) waterfalls in Dak G'long. Dak G'long also owns the Ta Dung nature reserve with unique plateau climate. Especially, standing from high and looking down, you will gather in views the winding slopes, stilt houses looming in the fog and in the clouds.

Ta Dung natural reserve
From Dak Song district, tourists drive to Nam N'Jang commune, turn right to Provincial Route 6, drive another 10 km, you will reach the unspoiled and fanciful Nam Nung mountain. Here, in addition to relaxation, recreation... visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of the local people. Besides Nam Nung forest, Dak Song also has Trang Ba Cay meadow where is suitable for outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hunting, camping, ...

From Gia Nghia, visitors can also go along national highway 14 and Provincial Road 4 of Cu Jut and Krong No districts about 94km to see a system of 3 waterfalls named Dray Sap, Gia Long, and Trinh Nu (Virgin) along Serepok river. Not only are Dray Sap, Gia Long, and Trinh Nu the most famous waterfalls in the Highlands, but these three waterfalls also preserved the beautiful legends and romantic love stories.

Dray Sap waterfall
Floating on Ea Sno lake (Dak Ro Commune, Krong No district), you not only take in the views pristine beauty, beautiful natural painting but also yacht on Krong No River, of the row downstream to visit D'ray Sap waterfall or upstream to Buon Choah- homeland headman No Trang Guh. You can also row along Krong No to Krong Na to visit Lak lake or to visit Ea Rbine region and visit Ol, Coah, Leng villages, where keep many legends about Ea Sno Lake.

Also, the Nhan Co, Dieu Thanh cascades, Tuy Duc waterfall, Dak Mil lake, Doan Van Cu Jut lake, Ba Tang (three-floor) waterfall, Bay Tang (seven-floor) waterfall... are also equally pristine and majestic.

The Three-floor waterfall
Things visitors should bring when visiting Dak Nong

- Remember to bring umbrella or raincoat in the rainy season and clothes and accessories to avoid the sun in sunny season,
- You should bring a sweater in any seasons because the air here is quite cold, and even the constant winds blowing,
- Bring medical devices, creams, medicines to prevent and treat insect bites..
- Bring a tent, blanket, sleeping bag and food if you want to camp at the waterfall.
- you should ask a locals to be guide to fully approach and enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls.

The common conduit for tourism:

Saigon / Hanoi - Dak Nong - Dak Lak
Saigon / Hanoi - Dak Nong - Dak Lak - Gia Lai - Kon Tum
Saigon / Hanoi - Dak Nong - Lam Dong - Nha Trang

In addition, tourist route Dak Nong- Mundulkiri -Siem Reap - Phnom Penh – Tay Ninh. is currently being developed.

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