5 Ways to Experience Penang That You Might Not Have Known about

The charming Penang City, Malaysia has long been famous for Gurney Drive , a popular seafront promanade and Cuisine Paradise. Moreover, it captures the eyes of tourists with interesting  activities and experiences.

Going picnic at Muka Head Cape

If you are engaged in exploring the natural beauty, you should make a visit to the National Park in Penang during your trip to this amazing city. Although it is known as one of the smallest national parks in the world, it still enables tourists to take a boat to the beautiful Muka Island and make a feast with grilled meat and seafood right there. Moreover, you might visit turtle sanctuary in Pantai Kerachut to learn their living and eating habitats as well as observe rare turtles.

Enjoy the durian

A significant number of local residents show a big love for durians, a kind of smelly fruits. This might be the reason why you can see rows of people standing in line to buy durian. If you want to buy durian at affordable prices, you should drop by the morning market near Love. If you can deal with the characteristic durian smell, you should give red flesh durian a try - a specialty of Malaysia.

Travelling by tricycle

As we all know, the best way to explore every corner of a new place is to meet up and chat with local residents. It ‘s ideal to take a tricycle to travel around the streets and engage in stories about buildings associated with the history of this amazing land. The friendly and hospitable drivers will recommend some ideal places for lunch,  interesting places that you should give them a go visit and new experiences that you can try because they are the ones who was born and grew up in this city.

Try a Toddy Cup

Travelling Penang, travelers should give Toody Cup a try,  a local drink made from coconut and jaggery. There are many places which offer this specialty, but for the reason of most highly complimented, I would recommend Ong Cheng Huat sea food restaurant or Market Lane in Georgetown.

Enjoy the beauty of Penang

There is a variety of stunning landscape in Penang that awaits your exploration.You can camp at Penang War Museum (Batu Maung), the battle in the Second World War. Or, you might make a visit to Relau, a hundred-year-old villa which features a temple nearby with the belief of preventing and removing misfortunes and devils.

5 Best Things to Do in Phan Thiet

If you want to travel a place, in which you can to fly kites on the smooth sandy beach, visit Vietnam’s first sand statues, and fish for squids at night with the local fishermen, you should give the amazing Phan Thiet a go.

Flying Kite at Mui Ne (Ne Cape):

Featuring fine golden sand, immense blue sky and colorful flying kites, Mui Ne is an ideal tourist spot for those who are into the untouched nature and hospitable locals. Almost all sea-view hotels and resorts offer kite flying of various shapes for both children and adults to hire. Even, some resorts spend a whole day this activity. According to Mai Anh Dung (staying at The Cliff Resort), the kite flying activity has attracted a significant number of tourists this activity is not for everyone, especially those who live and work in big cities.

Visiting the first sand statue park in Vietnam

A park with sand statues named « Forgotten Land » in the south - central province of Binh Thuan opened to visitors in January 2017. Stretching across an area of 2 hectares, the park is the first of its kinds in Vietnam which features more than 20 works created by international artists. Amazingly, some of the statues were based on both Vietnamese and foreign tales such as Tho Va Rua (Rabbit and Tortoise), the fox and the grapes, etc. The fare is priced at 5$ and 3,5$ for adults and children respectively.

Fish for squids at night with local fishermen

The fishing boat usually goes offshore at 5 pm in the fishing village, runs for 30 minutes to the sea and stops at spots, in which visitors can experience fishing for squids in the 4-hour journey as local fishermen often do. The squids that they catch will be used to make porridge or grill right on the boat. A package tour includes dinner, specialized tools ... costing 35$/person.

Terrain Racing on Sand Dune: 

40 km from Phan Thiet city, the White Sand Dune is an ideal place to experience four-wheeled terrain, crossing sand slopes. This tourists spot attracts a significant number of tourists Phan Thiet, especially young people who are engaged in exploring and adventuring. To hire a motorbike for 2 people, you just need to pay from 17$ to 42$ depending on the duration of time (20-60 minutes).

Watching Fishermen Show: 

The Fishermen Show is considered as a unique performance about the legend of the fishing village. It features with the conservation of the fishing village’s culture, the addition of contemporary dance arts, and especially sparkle with the effect of light and hi-tech water music. Grasping the attention of tourists by the English-speaking narrative (with Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese subtitles) between performances and emotional expressions by contemporary dance, this unique show keeps them immersing into it. To directly enjoy this impressive performance, you attend at the Phan Thiet fishing village water music house, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet, right the gateway Mui Ne Resort from every evening from Wednesday to Sunday. I’sure that you will have unforgettable moments during your trip to the charming Phan Thiet.

Explore Ngapali Beach in Myanmar

Ngapali Beach is famous for its natural beauty with clear blue water and white smooth sand. Ngapali Beach is about 3 km long with soft white sand and is surrounded by coconut trees. This is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Myanmar.

If you like to go to peaceful places to escape crowded city and busy life, escape the stress of work and life to get closer to the tranquility of nature, Ngapali Beach will be an indispensable destination when you enjoy a 5 days 4 nights tour to Myanmar. About 7 km from Thandwe (Sandoway), Ngapali Beach is famous for its natural beauty and pristine preserved nature. Ngapali Beach is considered one of the most beautiful seawaters with sandy beaches and clear waters. It is also surrounded by many coconut trees stretching along the coast. Ngapali Beach is considered a privileged location for ones who wishes to drop into nature by biking or walking. Unlike today's Asian beaches, Ngapali Beach is completely free. There are no noisy and crowded scenes, no street vendors following you to sell souvenirs on the journey. In Ngapali, there’s only the beautiful scenery of the blue sea of white sand and the sunshine stretches. Ngapali Beach retains its original pristine. Fine sand, clear blue water and you will not see any dangerous sea animals here.

The people here are very friendly. You can go for a tour of the coastal villages. It will not be hard to see the fishermen diligently processing crabs and fish for sale to tourists.

I can assure you that no place on the Bay of Bengal is better than Ngapali. Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar. It is also one of the most pristine beaches in the world with fine white sand and crystal blue waters flowing from the Indian Ocean. Ngapali Beach is separated into sections by small fishing villages.

After relaxing on the beach under the clear blue sky you can explore the small hills behind the Strand Hotel beach. If you are on these little hills you will not be hard to find a peaceful lake where you can sit and relax fishing.

Shan Rice – Must Taste Food of Myanmar

If you come to Myanmar, you will have chance to experience  Myanmar cuisine with special dishes and different flavors, bringing different emotions. This article will introduce you to a Shan dish - Shan rice, a familiar but very strange dish.

The fragrant sticky rice is cooked with turmeric broth and eaten in combination with a freshwater fish fillet garnished with garlic oil. Along with the spices such as garlic, chili, pepper, Shan style rice is a favorite dish for spicy fans.

Shan rice is a unique dish of Myanmar. The ingredients of this dish include rice cooked with turmeric, squeezed into a circular dish, then put on a slice of fresh water fish, sprinkled with garlic oil. The top of the rice is sprinkled with a mixture of leeks root, cloves and crispy fried pig skin.

Also known as ngahtamin - fish rice, Shan rice (a tribe in Myanmar) is becoming one of the perfect choices of visitors to Myanmar. Shan people do not use much oil in cooking and do not use the fish sauce as mainly Burmese do. Instead, the Shan mainly use soy sauce to process the dish.

Burmese Curry - Unique Delicious Food

As the name implies, curry is the main ingredient but you can choose to eat pork, beef, lamb or seafood served with rice, side dishes, a small bowl of soup and a large tray of fresh vegetables, like pickles vegetables, stir fried vegetables and various herbs.

At the curry restaurants for Muslims, Burmese curry will be eaten with salad, greens, beans ... Curry is a dish that is present in any restaurant in Myanmar, it is not just a dish – it’s a great culinary experience.

Burmese Curry is a stylish and flavorful dish of Myanmar. At the end of the meal, you will enjoy a traditional Myanmar dessert - a traditional lacquer tray with tea, sugar from palm trees and many kinds of seed.

One interesting thing about enjoying a curry Burmese curry is that you will receive more traditional Myanmar desserts - pickled tea leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray. Visiting the traditional restaurants of Myanmar, you can eat until full and also have interesting dining experience. It's like enjoying Burmese curry.

Homestay Springfield Cottage - A Wonderful Relaxing Paradise

Setting foot in the the Homestay Springfield Cottage, you definitely have a chance to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, your own businesses, worries, and even those whom you do not want to think of. Get there, you probably immerse yourself in a « let-me-be » without worrying about any stuff of your real life.

Situated in No.A16 / 485 R8 Phong Phu Street, Hamlet 1, Phong Phu Commune, Binh Chanh District), less than 20 minutes of travelling by motorbikes from the center of Sai Gon, the stunning Springfield Cottage homestay fascinated visitors with a « isolated space ». Don’t get me wrong, « isolated » here means the life which is totally distinguished with the hustling and bustling city. Enoticeably, this beautiful homestay has also capture visitors’ attention by « floating » huts.

As the name would suggest,  this homestay is pretty with a variety of beautiful flowers blooming along the road leading to the house. Furthermore, it offers an  impressive « miniature » of the Westtern region that enables tourists to enjoy. Get there, you have a chance to saunter along trails covered with yellow leaves, watch wild fish swimming in the lake or even enjoy the lotus blooming if you travel at its blooming duration). We are sure that you definitely indulge yourself into the quite and peaceful atmospherem, and later on, fresh yur mind. 

This homestay is currently offering 8 floating huts which is environmentally friendly. The distinct feature is that each of hut is not provided « basic » facilities, namely air-conditioners, warm water provider, TV, Wifi transmit. It is only supplied with electric fans and light bulb. Therefore, Springfield Cottage is both literally and illiterally different from the bustle of big cities.

A hut is priced at from 75$/person/night or 85$ /2 people/ night and 60$/ person / night and 75$ / 2 people/ night for the large hut and small hut respectively. This price covers bedroom, 3 meals and other services at Springfield Cottage such as growing and picking vegetables, cooking, go fishing, do kayaking, do painting, do yoga, etc.

It’s such an amazing experience to welcome the the very first rays of sunshine glowing in thin leaves, casting shadow on the rustic bridge amid the harmonious duo of birds and winds in the early morning. Visting Springfield Cottage, you can fully enjoy a meaningful weekend, in which you can set aside all the worries and concerns of life.

Top 3 Best Bars & Pubs in Hanoi

+84 Bar:

With the aims of creating an ideal gathering place for those who are deeply in love with drinks, +84 Bar is intentionally opened. According to the owner of the bar, it offers comfortable private spaces, so almost all guests are satisfied with it and visit more often. The bar has 2 floors, in which the upper one is almost separated from the other. Featuring the vintage-style furniture, a charming balcony, in which you could enjoy the bustle of the city life, and leather armchairs, + 82 Bar fascinates visitors right they enter the bar. Additionally, the drink menu of the bar is quite impressive with some imported from Sicily and  Italy. Interestingly, it offers live music at 9 p.m and you might listen to famous songs of the talented musician Trinh Cong Son. The bar opens from 9 a.m to 0:30 a.m, except for Friday when it starts working at 7 p.m.

 Address: 23 Ngo Van So Street.

Polite Pub: 

The foreigners in Hanoi has long been familiar to Polite Bub. Therefore, when you enter the pub, you might hear the conversations of different languages, including Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese, and French at the same time. The design of the bar is based on the American Architecture in the 1920s which is the harmonious combination of furniture, black and white film tapes, and frames of jazz music. Being opened in 1955, the Pub was originally a family-run business. Thus, it’s  one of the oldest bars in Hanoi. As you can guess, the pub did change to meet the growing demands of customers. Significantly, it was renovated last year.  Meanwhile, the menu of drinks was changed last month with interesting names of famous ancient trade routes such as Silk Path, Perfume Path, Incense Path, and Tea and Horse Path.  In terms of the cocktail, its menu is also remade every six months with more than 100 kinds. In addition, the restaurant regularly welcomes guests who are both local and foreign bartenders. The Pub starts working from 4 p.m to the midnight.

Address: 5B Bao Khanh street.

The Doors Pub

The Doors Pub has long drawn the attention of various tourists from different walks of life, including students, senior citizens, office workers, singers, etc. Moreover, it’s  also a regular destination for foreigners. Having an idea of creating a gathering place for those who love Rock music and Western music, Mr. Quang decided to open this bar. The Bar offers a variety of drinks at affordable prices, and interesting space, so all guests have a rush on it, or even they  do not pay too much attention at the price of drinks. Mr. Quang said, "This is a place for people to enjoy rock music." He told us that when he was playing chess on the sidewalk, he saw a North Korean man entering the Pub. The point was that that man just looked around, then felt embarrassed because he could not communicate with him. "We can not talk to each other because he can’t speak both Vietnamese and English." Nevertheless, as the music emerged as an invisible bridge, they did not need a common language to talk. The song of that day was Yesterday of the Beatles. The Pubs opens from 8 a.m to midnight. 

Address: 11 Hang Chay street.

Top 4 Super Resorts in Danang

Vinpearl Da Nang Resort & Villas

Located in the most prime location of Non Nuoc beach with views overlooking the sea, against the majestic Marble Mountain range, Vinpearl Da Nang Resort & Villas become an extremely ideal destination for tourists who want to experience a relaxing vacation that cannot be more perfect.

Make the most of the advantages of mountainous terrain and spectacular ocean view, Vinpearl Da Nang Resort & Villas include 200 private and unique rooms, designed in contemporary combined with charming classical architectural style. Adjacent to the hotel is the special high-end villa area with 39 luxury apartments, designed in the Cham architecture combined with classic French architecture and contemporary architecture. In addition, the interior layout and landscape of Vinpearl Da Nang is reasonably and luxuriously designed, making you feel like you're in the middle of a dream resort on paradise.

Furama Resort Danang

The resort offers 198 rooms designed in the traditional Vietnamese style combined with French style, two 4-storey buildings with views overlooking the sea, overlooking the clear blue pool and lush tropical gardens. In addition, the Furama Resort also offers spa treatments, a steam bath, sauna, massage services by the pool, the water sport services, yoga classes and Tai Chi on the beach.

Besides, Signature Café Indochine restaurant with buffet seafood, the Italian restaurant Don Cipriani, Hai Van Lounge with Philippine band at nights, outdoor bar and restaurant by the pool ... will satisfy all culinary and entertainment needs of guests.

Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa

Located on the most beautiful roads of Danang, on the Non Nuoc beach and adjacent to the Marble Mountains, stretching on an area of 20ha, Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa is the second hotel of Hyatt Corporation in Viet Nam.

Hyatt Danang was opened in late 2011. The resort consists of 193 rooms, 95 apartments (which are of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom) and 27 three-bedroom ocean front villas with private pools. In addition, Hyatt Danang Resort also has a total of 5 swimming pools, five dining venues serving Vietnamese specialties, European and Italian food, a bar, a retail store and the VIE Spa promising to be a great place for you enjoy your stay in Da Nang.

Premier Village Danang

Spread over an area of 15 hectares, located on the golden land crossover between Vo Nguyen Giap and Ho Xuan Huong Street, Premier Village Danang Resort is a complex of 118 coastal high-end villas with unique and modern architectural style. 

Designed in elegant and high-class style, with two main colours of black and white, each villa here is like a dot to decorate for the stunningly pure nature. The villas have broad views of garden or ocean, bringing spacious comfortable feeling. Each villa has a private pool, 2-3 bedrooms, large living room and private kitchen for each family, bringing a luxurious and really different vacation for guests.

Top 3 Best Places to Eat Xôi in Hanoi

Attractive with soft and fragrant grains of sticky rice as well as tasteful accompaniments, these kinds of sticky rice (Xoi) definitely satisfy your appetite for food, even to picky eaters.

1. Yen Phu ”Char Xiu” (Barbeque pork) sticky rice (Xoi)

Compared with other sticky rice shops in Hanoi, the most striking feature of Yen Phu Char Xiu sticky rice is the Char Xiu that is not sold in every shop. After a long time of serving this tasteful dish, meat is objectively complimented soft, neither “tough” nor “lean”. Therefore, it is the most favorite dish in this shop.

In addition, stewed pork and pate are probably worth mentioning. Pork liver pate is “tough” enough to ensure its best tastes of meat and liver. In term of stewed meat, it is well-cooked instead of “crushed” to offer the tasteful and fragrant taste of meat. However, according to many customers, the weak point of this shop is the “variable”quality of rice.

This shop starts working from the early morning to the late night, noticeably Char Xiu is always sold out soon. Paying 2$ to 2,5$, you will have a full belly afterward. It is definitely worth enjoy this tasteful dish at this reasonable price compared to other shops. Moreover, this shop provides customers with comfortable space though it’s quite small.

2. Xoi Xeo on Hang Bai Street

Perhaps, the gourmets in Hanoi have been familiar to Xoi Xeo of Ms. May (Chi May) on Hang Bai Street (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) for 20 years. According to a gourmet, this dish is delicious as "lard, green beans, and sticky rice release wonderful flavor into her mouth". It must be a “mouth-watering” dish.

Xoi of this food stall is very popular, sold at less than a dollar/portion. Inspite of its cheap price, the ingredients have clear and reliable origins. The wrap is carefully added in a layer of banana leaves and sticky rice is bought in a regular rice house in Bac Ninh. In terms of ham, crispy fried onions and grinding green beans are all made by her family to ensure their good taste and quality.

In addition to Xoi Xeo, she also sold corn Xoi, but the former one is still highly preferred. Every day, she sells 2-3 big baskets of Xoi. Moreover, she starts packing at 6.30 a.m, but about 9:30 a.m, she will sell out everything, regardless of the weather.

3. Ba Son’s Xoi (Grandmother Son’s sticky rice) on Cau Go Street

Grandmother Son’ sticky rice has been popular with gourmets in Hanoi as one of the most tasteful dish for night meal.This food stall has been opened for 20 years so far and, of course, has protected its good name, too. At 7 to 8 p.ms, if you walk down to Cau Go Street, passing through Hoan Kiem Lake, you certainly see her food stall showed neatly. Her guests have been familiar to the thing that they need to wait in the queue to be enjoyed a portion for many years.

This tasteful dish definitely satisfies customers’ appetite for food with fragrant and soft grains of rice accompanied by stewed duck’s eggs and pork. You are mesmerized by soft, tasteful and fragrant slices of meat, which create wonderful flavor in your mouth right after chewing them. To enjoy its best taste, don’t forget to pour the fragrant taste onto your sticky rice. You must be astonished by its taste. Give it a try!

The Top Tourist Spots in Halong Bay

If you want explore this amazing place, you should take a sightseeing tour to the "Quang Ninh in miniature" in the unique museum right in Halong Bay. Or, you might take a visit to Dragon Park, the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. This park belongs to the complex of Sun World Group Park offering more than 30 adventure games of international safety standard. Therefore, it is an ideal destination to have unforgettable experiences. Moreover, you definitely hold a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from the height of 215 meters compared to sea level at the Sun Wheel, one of the largest wheel in the world.

A worth experience in Quang Ninh is to lay down leisurely on the cruise to enjoy the fresh sea breezes and wonderful scenery of the bay.

 Quang Ninh Museum- “Quang Ninh in miniature” in Ha Long 

It is a common stereotype that museum is a rather “formal” place serving for the main purposes of visiting and observing because visitors seem to ignore everything right they get out of the museum. However, it’s no longer “true” in the case of Quang Ninh Museum library. This attraction is more fascinating.

Quang Ning museum and library is considered a unique architecture. Observing the outside of this amazing museum, many young guys probably speak up the word "wow". It is because this stunning architecture features the impressive word’s font of the museum’s name, high stairs, and the dark glasses comparing to the natural giant mirror which reflects the immense nature of Ha Long. These plus points are powerful enough for visitors to capture a dozen of “virtual” photos.

If you set foot in the museum, you are certainly astonished by the large space. Divided into three floors, Quang Ninh Museum provides visitors with a complete view of the local nature and people.

The first floor is the exhibition of the sea and nature. The historical relics, from prehistory to modern, the first and second Indochina Wars, Yen Tu spiritual and cultural space,.. are displayed on the second floor. The highest floor of the building exhibits images reflecting entire history of coal mining.

Although it is a museum, the design and decoration follow the modern and perfect style that enables this unique museum to be an attractive destination to young people. Additionally, the airy and “full-of-light” space is worth mentioning.

The museum opens on weekdays from 8 a.m to 5 p.m,  except for Monday. The fare is priced at 1,5$ and approximately 1$/ turn per adult and student respectively. Moreover, the price of tickets  for a child/turn is much lower, just half a dollar. 

Experiencing more than 30 adventurous games at Dragon Park

If you travel in group and engage in exploration, you should give “adventurous games” in Dragon Park a try. It promises to bring about unforgettable experiences for you like other amusement parks do. This is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia, right!

It is said that only little kids go to the amusement park. In other words, the park is the paradise of the children. However, this slogan is not that of the amazing Dragon Park because it enables adults to have fun, relaxing, then memorable moments when becoming its guests. All of us are highly welcomed to this park. Noticeably, dragon theme park is under the management of the Sun World Group Park complex which provides more than 30 games of all kinds, from the super adventurous bringing about the feeling of being conquered to the familiar childhood games no longer exist in big cities.

All the games are sophisticatedly designed, impressively and, of course, absolutely safe. Game machines and facilities are imported and meet the European standards to ensure a safe and complete experience for visitors. Furthermore, the other plus point of the park is the amazing space that makes visitors comfortable right it’s crowded. 

7 Famous Places for Night Meals in Hanoi

 “Xoi Yen” (Yen sticky rice) on Nguyen Huu Huan Street is sold from 5 a.m to 1 a.m of the next day. There are many attaching foods of this dish such as eggs, pork, sausage, hams, pate and chicken, etc.  Sticky, soft, fragrant and greasy, sticky rice with chicken is one of the most favourite dishes of the restaurant.  It looks delicious and attractive because chicken is torn into strips and pour sauce on them.  The price of each sticky rice portion is not the same but you can enjoy a delicious one with the averagely 1.5$. Additionally, there are various drinks for you to choose while eating.

Porridge with Rib cartilage (Chao Suon Sun) in Dong Xuan market is the most popular dish for night meal in Old Quarter. The restaurant often opens from the beginning of the afternoon to the end of the day and is crowdest from 8 p.m. This food stall has attracted both local and foreign travelers because the bowl is full, the rib cartilage is soft and the rice is well-cooked while being priced only 1.5 $.

Bat Dan fried noodle (Pho Xao) is definitely an unforgettable night meal in Hanoi. The noodle is fairly tough and fried with fresh, soft beef and sauces. Besides, there are various ingredients to order with your noodles. It may cost from 2.5$ to 4$ for a portion.

Attracting travelers with big, soft chicken slices, medium-cooked noodle and fragrant medicinal herbs and wormwood, simmered chicken noodle on Hang Bo Street has been a popular dish for night meal of many people. You can enjoy a nice bowl of noodle with only 2$ to 2.5$.

Fragrant with grilled chopped fish and priced with only 1.5 $, fish noodle (Bun Ca) is well worth giving a try by any travelers. Because the sauce is quite hot and spicy, it is better to eat it with salads and drink a cup of tea.

Crunchy with bread and beef tendon, fragrant with thick and tasteful sauce, bread with a stewed beef tendon (Banh My Sot Vang) on Dinh Ngang Street has been alluring travelers for a long time. You can enjoy this delicious dish with only 2$ to 3$ from 3 p.m to the midnight.

“Pho Ganh” on Hang Bai Street is the rare but delicious noodle soup sold at night in Hanoi. You must have “crush” on this food by tasteful and fragrant soup, soft slices of beef and well-cooked noodles. It’s well worth eating a bowl of Pho and enjoying the purely cool air in the early morning with only 2.5$.