Seeing Waterfalls in Dak Nong Province (Part 1)

In the journey to explore Tay Nguyen (Western Highlands, also called Central Highlands), you can not ignore a series of wild and majestic waterfalls, or magical forest of Nam Nung, vast rubber forests.

Gia Nghia district in dim mist


If departing from the nearby provinces, you can go to Dak Nong by motorcycles or cars. Visitors from remote provinces often travel by plane and choose Buon Me Thuot airport as a transit point.

By public transport

If travelling by bus (passenger car), you can buy tickets at the bus station of each province or contact the high quality car owner who offers transporting service to this province (Dak Nong). You should also learn carefully about vehicle quality, price, departure time (both the outward and return journeys), and places the bus can go through.

By private vehicles

If you are near Dak Nong, you may use motorcycles or cars to get here.

There are two ways to travel from Ho Chi Minh city to Dak Nong. The first way is that from Saigon, you travel to Binh Duong, go straight Sao Chon Thanh District when you reach So Sao T-junction, then from Chon Thanh intersection, you turn right to Dong Xoai Town. After that, you go along the traffic-circle of Dong Xoai district, and ride ahead along the direction of Highway 14 to Gia Nghia town, Dak Nong province. This journey is approximately 270km long.

Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
The second path is as follows: after coming to Sao So fork, you turn right toward Dong Xoai district, then turn right in the direction of Highway 14 to Gia Nghia town, Dak Nong province when reaching the intersection of Dong Xoai. This is an approximately 240km long road.

Tourists should bear in mind that the roads in the Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) provinces are quite narrow, with many mountain passes, slopes; therefore, you should pay attention to the speed, vision and be careful with careless contrariwise buses.

Also, you should bring the vehicles’ legal papers, driving license and abide by the road traffic laws, drive in allowed speed (there are quite many speed test stations along the road).

Best time to visit Dak Nong

All the seasons in Dak Nong are beautiful, but if the main purpose is to admire a series of spectacular waterfalls of this area, you should come in the rainy season (although you will face some difficulties in travelling).

Dray Sap waterfall in Nam Ha commune, Krong K’no District, Dak Nong

The festivals as Tam Nghet, buffalo sacrifice festival, longevity wishing ceremony, new rice festival, Gong festival ... in this country are not held in fixed time. Therefore, if you want to participate in any festival, should you take time to update the information before arriving.

Specialties of Dak Nong

Like other Central Highlands provinces, specialties of Dak Nong are bamboo rice, stream fish, forest vegetables, honey, wild meat (fed at home), bitter egg-plants, Can wine... Moreover, it also entertained you some unique dishes like grilled hemibagrus, sour forest bamboo sprout. Most notably, there is forest vegetable hotpot with more than 10 kinds of leaves carefully selected in the forest. Other food eaten with these leaves are meat sauce, peeled shrimp and boiled pork.

Forest leaves hotpot recipe

Gia Nghia town is considered one of the places that has the most expensive price of service in Vietnam locals and visitors; therefore, hotel and hostels prices here are quite high, from 300,000 VND and over. To save many, you should plan the trip in advance, then, basing on it to choose to stay in low price (communes and districts) but still convenient to move or visit places.

Additionally, you can choose the form of camping in the area of the waterfalls. The only thing is that you should contact local authority, as well as the camping participants must not be less than 10 people (if female including) and 5 if only male attending.

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