The Beautiful Beaches in Thanh Hoa Province

With 100 kilometers of coastline, Thanh Hoa province has many beautiful beaches for tourists to visit.

Sam Son Beach

As one of the first beaches exploited in the northern provinces, Sam Son beach is located about 16 km Thanh Hoa city to the East. This beach was used as a private bathing spot by the French since 1906 with many ancient villas, including the villa of King Bao Dai.

The Beautiful Beaches in Thanh Hoa Province
Sam Son beach- the masterpiece nature gives to Thanh Hoa
Sam Son beach is about 10km long with billows, clear water, fine sand and moderate salinity. Not only is Som Son a beautiful beach, it also has many famous scenic, historic places such as Co Giai, Doc Cuoc temple (also known as Gam Temple) associated with the legend of the giant man who divided his body into two helves, one went to the sea to extirpate the sea monster and one guarded the Co Giai isle. Trong Mai (cock and hen) Islet is also a place loved by tourists.

The Beautiful Beaches in Thanh Hoa Province
Trong Mai Islet in Sam Son
Hai Hoa Beach, Tinh Gia

Hai Hoa beach has been known in recent years when the beaches along the country began to be exploited to the resorts. The sea still keeps the wild and romantic features with white, soft sand and lines of casuarina pines which are green all year round. When the sun rises, fishing village becomes bustling with the trawling activities. Fish market is held on the beach and sells fresh shrimp and fish.

The Beautiful Beaches in Thanh Hoa Province
Trawling on Hai Hoa beach in the early morning
The beach is pristine and beautiful, with clear blue water and gentle waves. Tourists can enjoy fresh seafood dishes, enjoy the salty taste of the sea, or take part in trawling with the fishermen to catch the first batch of fish of the day. Specifically, only in Hai Hoa can tourists enjoy the specialties of jellyfish salad dipped in hot sauce, jellyfish salad with pancake ...

The Beautiful Beaches in Thanh Hoa Province
The unspoiled and peaceful Hoa Hai beach
Hai Thanh Beach, Tinh Gia

Hai Thanh beach is located on Hai Thanh Commune of Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa and has a length of about 4 km, stretches from spur of Thoi mountain to the foothills of Mount. Du Xuyen.

Hai Thanh beach
Hai Thanh beach has small and medium waves and peaceful fishing villages. Offshore is Hon Me with about 10 large and small islands. Not only resting and bathing, tourists can visit many historical places as Dot Tien pagoda, Quang Trung temple and the churches in Ba Lang (Three Villages) parish which has a long history of about five centuries.

Hai Thanh also has bustling fishing villages where are very famous for Ba Lang fish sauce. The fresh seafood are usually crabs, snails, mussels, shrimps, clams,. . .

Hai Tien Beach, Hoang Hoa

Hai Tien Beach is about 175 km from Hanoi, and 30 km from Thanh Hoa City.

Hai Tien sea has been put into service of tourists for several years and has a length of 12 km. Fresh air, long sandy beaches can give you a variety of selection of private bathing spots but still guarantee clean and safety. In Inlet area, there are huts looking after clams, the square salt marshes, green natural forests.

Hai Tien beach
Hai Tien Sea still has wild characters with underdeveloped tourist services. Apart from a few motels and restaurants, you totally get to live in a quiet natural setting with blue sea and peaceful fishing villages. You can go to the seafood market early in the morning, shop for seafood and ask the chef in hotel to cook or enjoy fresh food booked in houses of local people with a reasonable price.

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