4 Cheap Tourist Attractions for Your Picnic in Dong Nai

Not very far from Saigon and the cost low of travel and accommodation help Dong Nai to become a favourite destination of the youth in the weekends or 1- day holidays.

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1. O Island – Dong Truong

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists go along Highway 1 toward Dong Nai province, turn left at Tri An T- junction, drive another 8 km to the center of Vinh An town (Vinh Cuu district), then drive to Dong Truong wharf . After 30 minutes sitting in the boat and wandering on Tri An lake, you will set foot on O island.

O Island in the vast lake
Coming to O Island, apart from wallowing in the green space of trees, of flowers blooming and rising winds, you'll be immersed in the cool blue water, or seek for thrills in the 15-meter high waterslide.
Additionally, you can also play games such as canoeing, Motorboat, darts, chess ... Two delicacies that you should not miss on this island are hot and sour shemibagrus vegetable soup and carame hemibagrus (shemibagrus caught in Tri An lake). If you want to stay overnight, you can rent the motels nestled under the trees or on the pine hill.

2. Mount Chua Chan

Chua Chan mountain, also called Gia Ray mountain, Gia Lao mountain, is located on Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province. At a height of 800m above the sea level, this is the second highest mountain in the Southern region and the Mekong Delta.
Chua Chan mountain
In Chua Chan mountain, both spiritual tourism and adventure tourism are developed. Gia Loc pagoda has a banyan tree with two trunks but only one top, and the festival on the full moon day in lunar July. Backpackers and adventurous travelers can go trekking to explore the mountain, go through the forest, camp overnight or indulge yourselves in the thick fog on a mountain in the early morning.
The scenery seen from the top of Chua Chan mountain
3. Ba Zot Waterfall

Ba Zot waterfall is in Phu Hoa commune, Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province and is in the Hoa Phuong ecotourism area. The road to the falls is quite smooth and convenient. Visitors drive along the Highway 20 towards Dalat, when reaching to the area of Dinh Quan district, you will see the road No. 18 leading to the waterfall (10km) on the left.
Ba Zot waterfall attracts visitors, especially the young, by its width
Ba Zot waterfall has been exploited for quite a the long with the beautiful picture of a waterfall which “is not high vertically, but attracts people with its width”, however, so far, the waterfall has been a destination for the youth in the neighbor areas.

Visiting the waterfall, in addition to admiring the beauty of the waterfall, enjoying dishes made from fresh hemibagrus, visitors often reward themselves with floating on a boat, fishing in the rugged cliffs of the waterfall, discovering the beautiful rock garden or lying in a hammock, taking a nap in the pleasant sound of the fall.

Ba Zot waterfall has a pristine beauty with the rugged rocks and surrounded by the jungle
4. Vuon Xoai (Mango Garden) Ecotourism Park

The mango trees laden with fruits are the reason that urges many tourists to visit Vuon Xoai (Mango Garden) Eco Park in Tan Cang village, Phuoc Tan commune, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province during this period.
Vuon Xoai (Mango Garden) Eco Park in Tan Cang village,
Besides looking at the mango tree laden with fruits, enjoying the fresh mango picked on the tree and rustic delicacies, napping on a hammock hung between two trees or on a carpet on the grass, tourists should not forget join the thrilling games like riding ostriches, sliding on the grass, kayaking,... you can also go around to observe the lives of wild animals.
Sliding on the grass- an interesting game in Vuon Xoai

4 Cheap Tourist Attractions for Your Picnic in Dong Nai 

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