“Wild Robinson Island” in Cam Ranh Bay

If tours exploring beaches and islands in Nha Trang have become familiar, visitors should try once to experience the wild but poetic beauty of the clouds, wind and sea of Binh Ba – the “wild Robinson island” in Cam Ranh Bay.

Binh Ba Island, 60km from Nha Trang, is a relatively new destination on the tourist map. The name of Binh Ba comes from the location of the island on Cam Ranh Bay, that is, like a berrier in front of the door of the bay. As one of the first places to welcome the dawn earliestly in Vietnam, Binh Ba attracts travelers coming to the island with its wild beauty.
Visitors coming to Binh Ba island to experience a new feeling

Nom beach, Chuong beach

After 2 hours travelling by boat from Cam Ranh Bay to Binh Ba Island, visitors can admire the superb beauty of nature with clear blue beaches with stretching white sand. The sea here is not as noisy, lively as it is Nha Trang but quiet, hiding the rustic and shy beauty as the people here.

Nom beach in binh Ba island is famous for its white picturesque sandy beach
While Nom beach has picturesque white sand, Chuong beach hides countless stunning coral reefs inside. The most interesting thing in Chuong beach is the existence of two parallel streams of hot and cold water. Standing at this point, you will encounter cold water line, but just moving a few steps away, you will immediately feel warm water stream flowing through.

Seeing coral reefs and scuba diving

The unique and interesting experiences that almost everyone enjoy when visiting the island are diving and seeing the colorful corals. Owning beautiful coral reefs, the low level of sea water and clear blue water, Nha Cu (the old house) beach in Binh Ba this the ideal place for snorkeling or seeing the gorgeous 7- colour fish swamming.

Diving to see corals and colourful fish is an experience enjoyed by almost visitors
In addition, adventurous people can go along the mountainside to explore the abandoned ruins, such as artillery emplacement, defense bunkers... People who like nature should walk along the beach to watch the gorgeous iridescent shells and conches, undulating rocks, the steep cliffs and some intriguing caves. If you have time and opportunity, you can go to the top of the radar station to enjoy the panoramic view of of Binh Ba Island with the sea, the vast sky captured in sight.

Living with the locals

Attracting visitors not only with the beauty of the beaches on the island, Binh Ba also enchants tourists with the beauty of the friendliness, affability of the locals. Living with the people who are casual, rustic here, you will understand more about their hospitality. You will receive an invitation to visit the fishermen’s fish and shrimp cages or to go to their house to enjoy seafood at any time or while you are wandering on the beach.
Fishermen’s chilren play on the beach


Binh Ba is famous for big and delicious lobsters
Apart from the names of Binh Ba or " wild Robinson island ", the island is also known for the familiar name of Lobster, since it is famous for big and delicious lobsters. Khanh Hoa people have the famous saying " Hon Noi bird nest, Ninh Hoa duck, Binh Ba lobster, Dien Khanh dried deer" to tell about the famous specialties of this province. Binh Ba lobster is cooked into many dishes and the alcohol mixed with blue lobster’s blood has an unforgettable taste.

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