Top highest mountains in Vietnam backpackers shouldn’t miss

Whether you are a travel lover or not, spectacular landscapes with majestic mountains, thrilling legends and beautiful trekking roads will surely make you overwhelmed. Now we invite you to visit top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam to enjoy such wonderful scenes.

1. Fansipan, Lao Cai Province

Mount Fansipan in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range is the highest in Indochina with the height of 3,143m. It is dubbed “the roof of Indochina”. It can take tourists 3-4 days to conquer this peak, depending on the route they have chosen.
Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Mount Fansipan is covered by clouds
Being one of the most mountaineering sites in Vietnam, Fansipan has the diverse flora with 1,680 species. At an altitude of over 2000m, climbers will see thick clouds and fog. But you can see the clear sky and feel low temperature when climbing higher (500-600m).

There is a stainless steel pyramid at the highest point of Fansipan. It is the memorial of Russian and Germany athletes placing here in 1984 when they reached the roof of Indochina

2. Phu Ta Leng, Lai Chau Province

Ranked as one of the most desolate and craggy mountains in Vietnam, Phu Ta Leng is in the northwest of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Its height is 3,096m, just behind Fansipan’s.

There are Hoang Lien Pass (2,600m in height) and 4D Highway between two peaks from Lao Cai to Lai Chau Province.

Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Brilliant azalea flowers on the way to Mount Phu Ta Leng
Compared to Fansipan, Phu Ta Leng is chosen to be a memorable destination by many travelers since this mountain is extremely deserted and craggy. While the arduous journey to conquer Phu Ta Leng challenges mountaineers’ courage, the mesmerizing scenery of trekking roads will be like a just rewarding.

3. Pu Si Lung, Lai Chau Province

Pu Si Lung is the massif lying in Lai Chau Province, between Da River and the upstream of Nam Na River at Vietnam-China Border. Although it comes third of the height, in fact, Pu Si Lung is the highest mountain in Vietnam with 3,775 m instead of 3,076m as announced.

Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Milestone 42 - a memorable place in the journey to conquer Mount Pu Si Lung
The way to reach the peak of Pu Si Lung sets a record of the length, up to over 48km (5 days and 4 nights).

Being one of the pristine, mysterious and charming mountains in Vietnam, Pu Si Lung is both a legend and dream destination of backpackers.

4. Bach Moc Luong Tu, Lai Chau and Lao Cai Province

Being the highest mountain in the mountain range of same name, Bach Moc Luong Tu is 3,046m above sea level. Lying between Lao Cai and Lai Chau Province, with the harsh terrain, until 2012, the way leading to the peak started being discovered.

To set foot on the highest point of Bach Moc, climbers have to overcome about 30km of forests. Furthermore, various terrains like bare hills, bamboo forests, woods or mossy crags are also challenges for mountaineers.
Top highest mountains in Vietnam
The dawn over Mount Muoi is a "specialty" of Bach Moc Luong Tu

But trust me! Maybe you won’t feel tired or bored because of the beauty of surrounding landscapes. Colorful flowers, gurgling streams and the dawn over Mount Muoi are unique gifts for those who have the determination to reach the peak.

5. Khang Su Van, Lai Chau Province

Khang Su Van is a completely new mountain on the map of Vietnam and the name “Khang Su Van” is even temporary. With the height of 3,012m, this is the fifth highest mountain in Vietnam.
Top highest mountains in Vietnam
Setting foot on Mount Khang Su Van brings climbers the great feelings
Because this mountain has just explored, the trekking road is really tough. Backpackers will have to face many difficulties, even dangers. However, like many mountains in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, brilliant azalea flowers on the way to the peak will fascinate you.

Remember to follow me in the next article to know the other mountains in Vietnam on this list and Plan your trip !

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