4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

Quan Son Lake, Ba Vi, or Tam Dao, Da river cruises are the ideal spots for friends and family members during the weekend. They are considered the golden addresses for tourists to escape the tumult of the city.

Quan Son Lake

About 40 km from the center of Hanoi, Quan Son Lake (My Duc district) with beautiful lake scenery attracts many tourists. This is the most beautiful time of year with blooming lotus.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

From Hanoi, you can travel by motorcycle or bus along Ha Dong - Ba La - Van Dinh, along the dike to Quan Son Lake. With an area of the reservoir of 850ha, this lake is suitable for sightseeing. Fares to visit the lake is 15,000 VNdong/ person, 5000 VND/ motorcycle keeping, boat ticket for 140,000 VNdong/ 4 people.

Quan Son Lake is a complex of many small islands on the lake leaning on each other. In addition to admiring the beautiful scenery between the islets, taking pictures with the soft lotus petals, tourists can visit Linh Son ancient temple at the foot of the mountain of Linh Son and Linh Son Cave with beautiful stalactites.

Ba Vi National Park

Located in the territory of Son Tay district, Ba Vi National Park becomes a favourite destination for the weekend of Hanoi people. Situated at a height of 1.100m above sea level, wit cool climate all year round coverage of primary forest ecosystems, Ba Vi is planned to be a peaceful and cool recreation spot.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

About 70 km from Hanoi, it takes travellers about 1 hour to travel by motorbike, or you van cycle here. The entrance fee is 40,000 VND/ person, half-price for students, pupils, children. From the gate of Ba Vi National Park with wide and clean campus, there are lines of giant crape-myrtle whose leaves start to grow create a very poetic setting.

One of the most impressive thing here are traces of villas in French architecture built from the 1940s. Visitors will admire the walls covered by vines and moss. Also, visitors can stroll to Thuong Temple, the Temple of Uncle Ho, the collapsed church, climb the mountain to enjoy the views of Son Tay town from above.

Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)

In recent years, Tam Dao has become a familiar destination for travel lovers. Starting from Hanoi, tourists have to move about 2 hours by motorbike or car to get here. It is noticeable that, the road to Tam Dao has sleeve bends; therefore, you should not use scooters or if your driving skill is not really good, the unwanted accident might happen during the journey.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

Tam Dao has fresh, clear air, mellow weather with chilly mist that gives visitors relaxed moments like in Sapa or Dalat.

In addition, Tam Dao has many new and interesting destinations, experiences suitable for both young people and families with young children. Interesting destinations consist of Cong Troi (Heaven Gate), ancient church, the TV tower. Dia Nguc (Hell) Temple is also a notable landmark.

Walking around Song Da (Da river) reservoir (Hoa Binh province)

Hoa Binh province is seen as the convergence of interesting things, from the way of Ba Khan crossing Thung Khe Pass to Go Lao waterfall flowing along the mountain range besides gentle Da river.
4 Destinations near Hanoi to Get away from the Heat at Weekends

Da river is nearly 100 km from Hanoi, so the suitable mean of transport to come here is a motorcycle. Tourists often come here to explore Da River to feel the green of the River water blended together with the small scattered islands. Going along the path along the lake, visitors can see the simple houses of Muong people, the concrete road but absent passersby.

Especially, experiencing sitting in the iron boat in the lake will bring you much emotion, the price of boat ticket from Da Bac to Ba Khan is 300,000 VND/ turn, do not forget to look at the "market in the clouds" in Da Trang (White Rock) Pass to enjoy boiled corn, bamboo tube rice, grilled chicken eggs, by some bamboo shoots and wild vegetables for your relatives, or a basket for orchid for your lovers.

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