5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

With unique scenery, the tourist destinations below will certainly bring your trip to Ca Mau a lot of unforgettable memories.Top 5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau : 

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1. U Minh Ha National Park

Referring to the most famous sight of Ca Mau tourism, U Minh Ha National Park is certainly the name which can not be ignored. U Minh Ha National Park’s administrative boundary is located in 2 districts of Tran Minh Thoi and U Minh, is the area owing the typical fauna - flora of wetlands on peat accumulation formed by the core of plants . Here, there are more than 250 species of plants, the most common ones are melaleuca, reed,... along with many animals such as insects, birds, freshwater fish, pythons, snakes, turtles, wild boars ... This national park is listed in biosphere reserves of the world by the UNESCO.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

2. Hon Khoai

Located on the territory of Ngoc Hien district, 14,6km from the mainland, Hon Khoai - the most beautiful island in the South West is also a Ca Mau’s attractive destination where visitors can not miss. Starting in Rach Goc town, after about 3 hours of sailing, guests will be able to admire the poetic beauty of Hon Khoai. Upon setting foot on the island, you will quickly be enthralled by the wild strokes here with rounded pebble as goose eggs, green “carpet” of primary forest with many valuable trees and rare animals. Estimated, Hon Khoai Island has more than 1,000 species of plants and hundreds of species of birds and animals which are living and growing.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

Added to this, on the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is still a lighthouse built by the French at the end of the 19th century. From this lighthouse, visitors can take in the views the beauty of the five surrounding satellite islands and Ca Mau cape with a telescope.

3. Hon Da Bac

Da Bac Islet is located in Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, and approximately 50km travelling by waterway from Ca Mau City. This is a cluster of three islands located close to the coast and having great potential for eco-tourism. Hon Da Bac is famous for its beauty and colorful boulders, it is estimated to have existed for about 180 million years. The island is connected to the shore by a long bridge. When visiting Da Bac islet, tourists will admire numerous stacked stones creating unique shapes like Fairy’s hand, feet, Fairy wells or Fairy yard ...
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

4. The Cape of Ca Mau

Ca Mau Cape - the southernmost point of the country, where almost every travellers want to once visit in a lifetime. The cape of Ca Mau is located more than 120km fro Ca Mau city in the waterway, and is the only place in Vietnam where visitors can admire the sun rising in the East Sea and setting in the West Sea. Ca Mau Cape was explored in the late 17th century, early 18th century. The inhabitants here include Vietnamese, Khmer and Chinese.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

5. Ca Mau Floating Market

Coming to the West without going to the floating market is a deeply regrettable thing for tourists. Going to Ca Mau, too, besides exploring the above famous sights, floating market is also a place where visitors should definitely come. Ca Mau floating market is located in the heart of the city of Ca Mau, at the end of Ganh Hao River. This floating market is no less busy and bustling than the floating markets in the West. Here, there are hundreds of boats, large and small boats loaded with goods for trading and exchanging.
5 Most Interesting Tourist Destinations in Ca Mau

Like Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho or Cai Be market in Tien Giang… Ca Mau Floating Market previously also purchased all sorts of items, but so far, it only concentrates on buying farm produce on wholesale and fruit and vegetables for traders. Although these types of items are no longer as diverse as the ancient time, Ca Mau floating market with the unique characteristics of the western rivers still has a huge attraction for tourists who have an opportunity to travel to Ca Mau.

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