The Photos: Top 4 Beautiful Flowers of Hanoi in June

Hanoi travel in June will bring you the new experiences when walking around colorful streets, which are full of flowers such as red Poinciana, purple Lagerstroemia flowers, Lotus.

1. Lotus flowers

Take a walk around Hanoi streets; you easily catch the image of street vendors, they are mostly women walking painstakingly and patiently with a heavy burden on their shoulders. Their goods are diversified; especially you will see the beautiful lotus flowers at this time of Hanoi, June, in each corner of the streets. Thus you can feel its alluring perfume into the air creating the pleasant atmosphere for Hanoi. 

2. The glorious red Poinciana

During the time of June, Hanoi sparkles with red flamboyant, a signal of summer coming. Therefore don’t hesitate to go down the streets and take some nice pictures to get memories about this beautiful city. 

3. The delicate purple of Lagerstroemia flowers

In this time, Hanoi adorned with a carpet of violet-purple Lagerstroemia flowers, which give Hanoi the dreamy appearance. However, it just exists in the life so short that people can have not a chance to feel its beauty. Maybe you can surprise when realizing its blooming which made somehow different from yesterday, but this flower is easily faded especially after raining.

4. Gorgeous flowers in the summer

Featuring with the yellowish flowers nested in the lush green leaves, it brings another appearance for Hanoi – romantic and gentle atmosphere.

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