8 Great Places in An Giang to Get Nice Photos

The pool of Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Considered the best hotel in An Giang, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is nestled among pristine natural scenery and surrounded by canals and ancient temples.

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge was built in minimalist style which is modern, harmonious with the surrounding nature, charming visitors by its natural rustic character rather than the lavish luxury amenities. Specifically, each door is designed in French style, leading to the outdoor private balcony area measuring 12m², overlooking an open space of poetic rice paddies below.

Ta Pa mountain and lake

Located less than a kilometre from Tri Ton town, Ta Pa Mountain features a wild and mysterious beauty. On the 200-m high mountain, there is a big Khmer temple and a beautiful lake surrounded by cliffs. On top of the mountain, there’s a crater with emerald water, called Ta Pa Lake. The 17-m depth lake is residual traces of the quarrying in the past. Although it is just an inadvertently result, it has become a beautiful landscape, attracting many visitors.

Ta Pa lake is surrounded by tall cliffs with crystal clear blue water. In nice days, the lake is like a sapphire and flat as a mirror, and that’s why Ta Pa lake scenery is so stunning to tourists.

Binh Thien Lake – God Lake

Located around 30 km from Chau Doc, Binh Thien Lake, also called God Lake, An Phu district, An Giang province, near the Cambodian border. It’s wonderful in flooding season with yellow flowers and green water hyacinth stretching like a carpet. Around the lake is a traditional village of Cham people with authentic cultural values.

Ta Pa fields

Ta Pa fields in Tri Ton district in the flood season looks like a huge rug with green rice fields and lovely high palm tree rising on the blue sky. Looking from above, Ta Pa is an untouched vividly green carpet with rice paddies and towering palm.

Chau Doc floating village

The most unique tourist attraction in Chau Doc is a floating village - the unique cultural style of the wetland. Canoes and boats are the main means of transportation of every family in this floating village. Here, each raft is like a floating house connected together stretching along both banks of the river. Each owner has at least 3-4 rafts and often accompanied by a raft for them to stay nearby. In particular, recently some people make floating houses to live on the river. Family life is in the raft of 4m wide and 7-8m long.

Hang temple

Located on the mountainside of Sam Mountain, Hang Pagoda is an outstanding monument of An Giang Province, built in around 1840 - 1845. From the foothills to the temple, visitors must pass 300 stairs to the gardens of the temple. In the garden there is a small lake full of lilies and many other flowers blooming. Also in this area there is a shrine devoted for Buddha Maitreya. In the front garden, there’s a statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and four guardians looking toward the foothills. In front of the temple there are two finely carved stupas. Standing on the temple, visitors can have a panoramic views over the mountain, immense rice fields and green melaleuca tree lines.

Cam Mountain (Forbidden Mountain)

Forbidden Mountain is located in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. It’s about 710m over the sea level, also known as Thien Cam Son. This is the highest mountain of the majestic That Son area, a unique characterized land not only of An Giang province, but of Mekong Delta region. In particular, on top of Cam Mountain there are many great religious architectures such as 33,6-meter sitting Maitreya Buddha statue on the mountain top, Van Linh Pagoda, Great Buddha Monastery and interesting sights like: lakes, springs, caves, forest, ...

Tra Su cajuput forest

On the direction to the Tinh Bien district, about 100 km from Long Xuyen, you will see a red dirt roads leading to Tra Su cajuput forest. On the two sides of the road are endless rice fields and tall palm trees, especially it’s most beautiful in the brilliant tropical sunset.

In every October and November annually, tourists from all over the country from South to North flow to Tra Su cajuput forest to enjoy green peace and the flooding season.

With an area of about 850 hectares, Tra Su cajuput forest is covered by the green colour of the water hyacinth. This will be an experience you cannot miss while cruising on the immense water, enjoying the cool beauty of the forest, listening to the birds and reflected yellow flowers.

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