Do's and Don'ts when you travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is now a great travel destination nowadays. Each year more and more tourists travel to Vietnam and the country is more than willing to welcome guests. Just like any other things in life, to have a successful trip, you need to be well prepared with some basic information about weather, cultures, regulations, etc. to minimize hassle during your trip. Vietnam has a lot to offer travelers. The country has suffered a long dark history of colonialism, communism, war, and poverty. You cannot escape learning about the horrid history whose effects are still visible on the faces, bodies the locals even today. Like any other countries, you may love or hate Vietnam but it is sure that you will find interesting and will be excited to visit different regions in Vietnam. This is the reason why this article is prepared to provide you some things you should and should not do in Vietnam.

Do's and Don'ts when you travel to Vietnam


  • You should dress conservatively. Otherwise, you will receive stares from Vietnamese people. It is especially important to dress politely when you visit pagodas, churches or any religious places.
  • You should drink plenty of bottled water, especially when walking around sightseeing. You do not need to carry huge bottles around with you because there are many vendors around sightseeing. They may find you before you find them.
  • You should prepare cash with you as in some places they do not accept credit cards. 
  • It is recommended to buy a book that translates Vietnamese into English. A lot of these books will teach you some of the most common phrases like hello, goodbye, and thank you.
  • You should have a good understanding of the currency. It will also be necessary when ordering food and buying local products from street markets. There is a lot of bargaining that takes place at local markets and you don’t want to be taken advantage of.


  • You should not wear a lot of jewelry and carry your bag while walking on the street. Vietnam does not have a lot of violent crime but petty crime is quite common if you do not pay special attention to your belongings. You should never wear your bag on your back, always keep it in front of you zipped or locked properly. Thieves sometimes use the knives to rip your bag.
  • You should not eat dog or cat meat. The laws in 1997 have banned the consumption of cat meat; more and more pet cats are snatched off Vietnamese streets and are smuggled in from China and Laos.
  • You should never try and take pictures of military installations or anything related to the military. This can be seen as a breach of national security or never take video cameras into the ethnic minority villages. They are considered to be too intrusive by many local people.
  • Do not touch someone on the head or point at someone by your finger (or feet).

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