Ta Nhi Chu Mountain - Climb up to Smile with Pain

Tà Chì Nhù is truly a challenge for beginner trekkers with not much experience and tries.

After 3 days 2 nights away from of Hanoi, at this remote place and it is even hard to breathe, we smile with each other along with the pains. There are people with all-body pain, there are people with muscle strain but those are not suffering pain.

Tà Chì Nhù is located at Trạm Tấu province, Yên Bái. It is not only the sixth highest mountain in Vietnam with 2.979 meters height, but it is also the measure for endurance. Tà Chì Nhù is the experience about hardship. It is challenge acceptance. The thought of giving up can be frequent, but all of us understand that there is only one way: keep continue. 

The mountain trail is about sweats and fogs, the heat in body, the beating sound of hearts, the headache with heartbeat, the weak stance, weak legs, when entire body relies on climbing sticks.
It is 6-hour trail with the hope of getting to the ‘finish line’, the whisper with each other: “how long can we get there?”, “is it there yet?”. It is the sigh with a half-truth joke: “we’re almost there, just a ‘little’ more”. 

It is incomparable between the tiredness of Tà Chì Nhù and daily-life tiredness. In Tà Chì Nhù, it is the extreme tiredness but no way back, the tiredness of being in short of water, even with a vegetable cookie splited to six tastes wonderful.

It is unpredictable falls, even in hard fall but still be able to stand up, and that’s when we understand ‘luck’. There are ankles, legs injuries but those are parts of the game, but no matter what happened, no one is there alone.

Camping on the peak, cooking with young men of H’Mong ethnic group are also the moments to see the talent of the locals, and listen to their stories.

It is the chance to experience the movement of time at its best. The observation of changes around us at every minute, every second. It is the feeling of being one with the nature, the cool and refresh feeling of being touched by the clouds.

Tà Chì Nhù experience is something hard to explain in words. The only thing we know is after we get down from the peak, looking up at the impressive height. We cannot believe that we’ve went up to the top, conquered the height.

And so we have another week, another weekend to prepare another journey...

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