Travel to Vietnam in November, Experience the Best Flower Seasons

Sightseeing in Da Lat with wild sunflowers

Da Lat is famous for this kind of wind flower, which is very popular in the Highlands and many northern mountainous provinces. However, Da Lat is the most mentioned place when it comes to the season of wild sunflowers because only in this romantic land, you can feel a vast yellow space spreading until the horizon.

Not only marked the end of the rainy season, when the wild sunflowers bloom, it’s also the time for travellers to come to Dalat city to be immersed in dreamy scenery and above all to indulge in wild yellow colour. Although not as large as sunflower, this wild one grow together creating big bushes and hence they can be a bright yellow carpet when blooming. The colour seems to be a flame to warm up the cold highlands and dazzle anyone who pass by.

The flower is most beautiful in the morning, when the sun has just risen and fog still lingers on the leaves and petals. You can catch the golden colours like sunshine of the flower anywhere: inside the city, inside the pretty small villas, on the streets... You should choose do ride a motorbike to explore the miracle colour of the flower so you can go deep into the roads, hillsides or small alley where wild sunflowers bloom gorgeously. Outskirts of the city are where most wild sunflowers grow.

Visiting Moc Chau to enjoy white colza flower

November rainy day is when white colza flower bloom in all the paths throughout the Moc Chau plateau, turning this place into a charming destination for tourists who love flowers. Unlike in Hanoi where flower fields are only wrapped in a small area, in Moc Chau, the flowers are grown in a vast area, even cover the hills, extending from the valley to the foothills.  A large space is covered with pristine white colour of colza flower.

The ethnic hill tribe people often grow the white colza flower, collect and sell old rapeseed for oil pressing facility. So the best time to admire the romantic white colza flower fields in the honey sunshine lasts only 2 to 3 weeks.

Travel enthusiasts often whisper to each other about great places to admire the beauty of the flower, for example Ban Ang pine forest, Ba Phach Village 1, 2, 3 and Ngu Dong Ban On area.

However, the most beautiful and most famous is the place behind the Ban Ang pine forest area with dozens of hectares of white flower, visitors will admire the vast beds of flower, from our feet to the peak of the hill and to the horizon…
Coming to Hanoi to enjoy white daisy

Featured flowers for each season have its own beauty and they are indispensable pieces of the overall picture of Hanoi. However, white daisies are still very special for many people, makes up an idyllic Hanoi. To see the tiny daisies is to touch the winter of Hanoi.

The flower is grown along the banks of the Red River, in Nhat Tan Ward, behind Quang An flower market, Tay Ho District. At the end of November each year when the daisies begin to bloom, you will be overwhelmed and excited to stand in the vast gardens of pure white colours...

If you have time to stroll on the streets these days, it is not difficult to see the bike loaded with daisies slowly riding on the streets of Hanoi. White daisy flowers are small with pure tiny petals and a bright yellow pistil. The special thing is that it only blooms gorgeously during 3 weeks then fade away. Perhaps also for this reason, the Hanoian love and cherish this flower better. Needless brilliant, the daisies are still in people’s heart with a gentle, pure, simple but very close, very secular beauty.
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Going to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flower

The time in the middle of October and early November is the season of buckwheat flower in Ha Giang. It is grown for seed to make cake by the ethnic people, but when blooming, buckwheat flower accidentally creates a pinkish white which is very beautiful and romantic. Therefore, this is also the time for many young people to carry their backpack to go to Ha Giang rocky plateau.

Apart from Ha Giang, Lao Cai and Cao Bang are also the places for buckwheat flower to grow popularly. Specifically, in Lao Cai, the flower is grown in northern districts such as Simacai, Bat Xat, Bac Ha and Muong Khuong. In Cao Bang, you can go to the Tra Linh – Trung Khanh – the widest buckwheat flower places. For years, Ha Giang is one of the best destinations for Vietnam adventure travel that you should consider.

Visiting Nghe An to admire sunflowers

The sunflower fields in Nghe An is about 100 ha, located in 19/5 Farm, Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district. Located right on the side of Ho Chi Minh Trail, on each flowering season when the vast field in full bloom, the place becomes an interesting destination for young people to explore bright purity of the sunflowers.

There are 2 seasons in a year that you can enjoy the sunflowers, when is March – April and November – December. November is the best time to admire sunflower fields in Nghe An with the most beautiful bloom. To get to the sunflower fields in Nghe An, if coming from Hanoi, you only need about one day for both travelling on the way and enjoying the flower so you can definitely put this place on your bucket list for weekends to change the atmosphere.

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