“Hunting” for Clouds on Hon Bo Mountain

The "dew- cloud- sunshine” season every year is always considered the most attractive time of Da Lat. This is the moment visitors can witness a dazzling Da Lat in the fog, floating on the clouds and glittering in the glittering sunshine. The feeling that the clouds hovering your feet and the bright golden dawn make you think that you are Mr. Tu Thuc (a person in Vietnamese fairy tale) getting lost in Thien Thai cave.

If you are the one who likes the cold feeling in the wild pine forest and the wind that sings the harmony, which you have to spend a lot of time contemplating to fully feel the whisper of nature, let’s stop at Hon Bo mountain during the trip conquering Da Lat to hunt for clouds.

Located in the East of Dalat, Hon Bo is one of the most ideal spots to see the clouds in the city. Unlike some other peaks in Da Lat where roads are built so that motorbikes can easily commute, the road to Hon Bo peak is more difficult because there are only small trails. After reaching a part of the peak where the ground is quite wide and spacious, you will see that watching the sunrise in the clouds will be very interesting.

On the top of the mountain, dawn turns very fast. The dark sky gradually gets lighter, from the mountain range in the distance, the bright red clouds appears on the sky. By the time the sun rises, my emotions burst as the sea of cloud the hovers the mountain. The Heaven is here!
“Hunting” for Clouds on Hon Bo Mountain

Hon Bo is most beautiful at dawn, when the rays of yellow sunshine begin to rise up and shine straightly to the rows of green pine trees “throwing out their chest’ to enjoy the fresh breath of the new day. Then, gradually, the sunshine spreads the pine hills, the morning dew “leaves his friend” to return to the vast sky. The entire space is as a vivid and illusory picture, and people may feel that they are about to enter another world when going through that veil.

The real lovers of "hunting clouds" should not ignore the top of Hon Bo, where people can hold the sky, Da Lat grass on the heart while standing atop, look at the magic world and especially will have the opportunity to catch a lot of beautiful moment of the land of fog.
“Hunting” for Clouds on Hon Bo Mountain

Notes for a camping trip on Hon Bo

1.At night, the weather in Hon Bo is very cold, so the items you carry must always be full of essential items such as jacket, warm towel, shoes, food, warm water, ...

2. You should not travel alone, it is best to go with a group of friends. It is a good idea to take and save the coordinates of your campsite so that you can call for help when you get into troubles.

3. You should also carry life and rescue tools such as knives to go to the forest, rope... to protect yourself against wild animals ...

4. If you go to Hon Bo for the first time, you should go with experienced or local people. Do not go too early or too late, because you can catch a cold if you come here too early or can miss the sunrise if you come here too late.

Directions to Hon Bo

- To reach Hon Bo, from the center of Da Lat, you ask people for the road to the T- junction of Thai Phien flower village.

- Continue to follow Thai Phien Street passing through Thai Phien Market, Thien Lam Pagoda and Thai Phien Primary School.

- Then, you turn to the side road of the primary school, go to a junction, then you will see a high red iron gate labeled "Hon Bo residential group." Keep going, you will see many paths leading to the top of Hon Bo.

- You can leave your car at local people's homes or stalls at the foot of the mountain and walk to the top of the mountain. The road is very steep and easy to slip, so you must be careful.

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