Konklor Hotel in Kon Tum - As Beautiful as Resort, as Cheap as Homestay

Designed with unique architectural style of Tay Nguyen ethnic group, Konklor hotel is popular with many visitors because of the spacious space, fresh air like in a luxury resort.

The Konklor Hotel is a harmonious combination of modern architecture and traditional, unique, typical style of the Central Highlands. The furniture, interior decoration is made from the materials of the mountains and forests such as brocade weaving, bamboo, rattan,... by the skilful hands of local people.

Blending in the lush greenery of a variety of bonsai, flowers, lilacs with unique spinning wheel will give you a deep impression. Although Konklor is a 1 star hotel only, it still offers modern facilities such as hot water, air conditioner, refrigerator, big bed, TV, internet ...

The special thing at Konklor Hotel is that no matter how many people, you will be staying in separate bedrooms as a large private home, not afraid of being disturbed. There is also a 3-course meal service, a garden where you can have a chat and have fun with friends. The garage area is also very spacious, dividing motorcycles and cars separately.

Located in Konklor village, Thang Loi ward, Kon Tum city, just a 5 minute walk from the Konklor hotel, you can visit the Konklor Rostrum - a cultural community symbol of the ethnic minority in the Central Highlands. And the famous Konklor suspension bridge, which connects the two banks of the legendary Dak Bla River.

You can walk to visit the local village on the right bank of the river, drink with them some jars of wine and then cross the river over the suspension bridge to reach a fertile alluvial land - Konkotu tourist culture village, a village of Bana which still retains the features of nature and wildlife scenery.

Around November to December, this road is covered with the yellow of the wild daisy, but in January, this place again put on the pink shirt of apricot. Along the two sides of Dak Bla, the rows of apricot blossoms will make you overwhelmed.

In addition, you will be able to recreate a typical cultural space of ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands on the campus of the hotel with sculpture patterns, painting and decoration such as communal house. You can also see the typical life of local peoples carved there, such as buffalo sacrifice festival, gong festival, pong dance, rice pounding ... with the main material is wood soaked in water, created by  local artists.

The staff of the hotel is very young, elegant, dynamic, trained professionally with a gentle, caring attitude, to help you feel a subtle service enjoyment through every detail. Visitors to the hotel are mostly Western visitors or those who want to find peace and pleasant.

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