Places to Stay of Famous People when Travelling to Vietnam

Luxury resorts, expensive hotels or luxury cruises are top choices for Hollywood stars, billionaires or heads of state.

Many celebrities, world stars have come to Vietnam and many of them chose to travel for the famous sights of the S country. However, their "secret" is quite secretive, rarely the photos of their accommodation are revealed, even when they have returned home, the information is spread. A few of celebrities revealed their vacationing destinations, most of them are high-end, private, secluded resorts, or luxurious cruises.

Facebook boss and wife

In December 2011, on Christmas Day, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife (at that time girlfriend) Priscilla Chan travelled secretly to Vietnam, visiting two famous scenic spots in the North, Ha Long Bay and Sapa.

Facebook CEO hired a kayak to explore the bay. After that, he continued to visit some famous caves of the world natural heritage. To distract the media, Mark Zuckerberg booked many cruises in Halong to visit, and also booked many famous hotels such as Hon Gai, Novotel ... However, Mark Zuckerberg finally decided to charter Phoenix cruise for a night stay on the bay.

After leaving Halong, the couple went to Sapa, where they had previously booked a number of well-known hotels such as Chau Long, Victoria Sapa Resort and the Cong Doan ... but eventually chose the Topas Ecolodege resort.

The resort is 18 km from the center of Sapa town. Situated on a hill, all 25 bungalows at Topas Ecolodge are designed as a bow overlooking the surrounding mountains. Each house is like a nice clean hut, built of white granite and palm leaves. The rooms are simply decorated with eco friendly furniture, from materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan ...

Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie

Before breaking up, this Hollywood couple had travelled to Vietnam many times, including some public trips like the holiday in Con Dao in November 2011 and Ha Long in December 2015.
After landing at Con Son Airport, the Angelina Jolie family went to Six Senses Con Dao Resort & Spa which had been booked in advance. They rent a secluded villa in the resort with body guards to prevent strangers from entering.

5 km from Con Dao center, Six Senses Resort is located in a small bay of the island. This is one of the most luxurious resorts in Vietnam with top amenities. All villas have private pools, facing the private beach. All information related to VIP customers are confidential, employees must communicate with guests over the walkie talkie rather than using personal telephone.

By the end of 2015, the Hollywood star couple had a short break on Ha Long Bay. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt cruised on Valentine Premium Cruise to enjoy the beauty of the World Heritage Site on December 20 and 21 and did not bring children. This is a luxury and comfortable cruise. The couple took a seaplane from Hanoi.

President Obama

Although travelled in a working trip, President Obama's Vietnam trip in 2016 still got special attention of the people of Hanoi. During the two days in the capital, the president had many interesting experiences such as eating Vietnamese specialties in the popular restaurant, buying young rice in Vong village... His accommodation was also of special interest to the public.

During two days in Hanoi, President Obama took a break at the Headquarters Room 501, 5th floor, JW Marriott Hotel. The room has a total area of 320 m², consisting of 8 separate rooms with many large glass windows overlooking the city with many special security modes. This is one of the most luxurious and expensive rooms in the capital. Before leaving, Mr. Obama kept his autograph in the hotel's souvenir with a satisfied comment about the service attitude and quality of the hotel, especially about the gym.

Drew Barrymore

In May 2015, the star of "Charlie’s Angels "participated in the Vietnam tour, with one of the stops was Ninh Thuan. Also featured in the tour are famous stars such as Edward Norton, who received the Golden Globe Award in 1996 for his portrayal of Aaron Stampler in the film Primal Fear and model Toni Garrn, one of the angels of Victoria's Secret.

This special group stayed at Amanoi Resort in Vinh Hy Bay. Many Vietnamese stars have chosen this place as a secret resort, such as Ly Hai - Minh Ha family, Tang Thanh Ha, Thu Thao ... Amanoi has also been known for high prices, up to 100 million VND (USD 4,000) per night for the best room in the resort.

Anna Friel

American TV star had a holiday to Con Dao in April 2016 with his daughter. She shared feelings about her resort on several international newspapers. Anna and her daughter chose the Six Senses resort as Jolie's.

Anna Friel was satisfied by being quiet, private and not bothered by other people, together with fresh natural space, covering comfortable rooms. She enjoyed moving between the villas by bicycle, this is a very good way to protect the environment and exercise. Gracie's daughter loves Con Dao with gentle waves.

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