Top 4 Things Not to Do When Traveling to Myanmar

Hire a Private Car

Simply because Yangon, the largest city and once the capital of Myanmar, is a place where bicycles and motorbikes are banned. The main means of transport is by bus or taxi, or by private car. The bus is a bit sloppy, taxi in Yangon is not of high price, and is bargainable, but the city also has a specialty which is ... traffic jam. This specialty of Yangon can be avoided by choosing accommodations in the city center, near the places you plan to visit, or avoid going out in the rush hours.

Bring an expensive pair of shoes

Even socks, leave your favorite pair of socks at home. Myanmar is a Buddhist country with thousands of temples, and in every temple, visitors are asked to remove their socks and shoes before entering. Large pagodas like Shwedagon in Yangon will have places to keep footwear for visitors, but there are places like Bagan, small temples along the roads and footwear or vehicles are "temporarily left" in front of the temple.

So if you do not want to lose your favorite shoes in crowded places, bring a cheap pair of shoes, or a cloth bag for shoes. If you do not want to waste time tieing shoelaces in Myanmar, prepare a pair of shoes that are comfortable, easy to carry or detach.

Admire sunset and sunrise at Shwesandaw

Among more than 4,000 temples and pagodas in the ancient capital of Bagan, Shwesandaw is still one of the most popular, extremely favorable destinations for sunsets and sunrises. Many photographs of the sun setting behind old temples, or balloons flying up during the Bagan dawn, were taken at Shwesandaw.You think of things will be like this: Temples in the sunset and a little novice sitting with some visitors on the steps of Shwe San Daw Temple in the sunlight. But the reality will be like this:

However, that is also why you should choose a location other than Shwesandaw to see the sunrise and sunset if possible. Choose a nearby, silent, and tranquil temple to experience the sunset in Yangon, where the sun will set behind the ancient temples, as it has been for thousands of years.

Book private room when traveling on budget tours

The hotel is a nightmare for many visitors to Myanmar. Contrary to relatively cheap expenses for food and travel, hotel room rates in Myanmar are shockingly high compared to other countries in the same region while the average hotel is quite old and not very good in quality. So, in order to choose a place to stay, it is best to look carefully at the website and be selective in sharing rooms with other visitors. The neighborhood called "China Town" in Yangon is home to a large number of restaurants and medium-priced hotels.

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