5 Best Things to Do in Phan Thiet

If you want to travel a place, in which you can to fly kites on the smooth sandy beach, visit Vietnam’s first sand statues, and fish for squids at night with the local fishermen, you should give the amazing Phan Thiet a go.

Flying Kite at Mui Ne (Ne Cape):

Featuring fine golden sand, immense blue sky and colorful flying kites, Mui Ne is an ideal tourist spot for those who are into the untouched nature and hospitable locals. Almost all sea-view hotels and resorts offer kite flying of various shapes for both children and adults to hire. Even, some resorts spend a whole day this activity. According to Mai Anh Dung (staying at The Cliff Resort), the kite flying activity has attracted a significant number of tourists this activity is not for everyone, especially those who live and work in big cities.

Visiting the first sand statue park in Vietnam

A park with sand statues named « Forgotten Land » in the south - central province of Binh Thuan opened to visitors in January 2017. Stretching across an area of 2 hectares, the park is the first of its kinds in Vietnam which features more than 20 works created by international artists. Amazingly, some of the statues were based on both Vietnamese and foreign tales such as Tho Va Rua (Rabbit and Tortoise), the fox and the grapes, etc. The fare is priced at 5$ and 3,5$ for adults and children respectively.

Fish for squids at night with local fishermen

The fishing boat usually goes offshore at 5 pm in the fishing village, runs for 30 minutes to the sea and stops at spots, in which visitors can experience fishing for squids in the 4-hour journey as local fishermen often do. The squids that they catch will be used to make porridge or grill right on the boat. A package tour includes dinner, specialized tools ... costing 35$/person.

Terrain Racing on Sand Dune: 

40 km from Phan Thiet city, the White Sand Dune is an ideal place to experience four-wheeled terrain, crossing sand slopes. This tourists spot attracts a significant number of tourists Phan Thiet, especially young people who are engaged in exploring and adventuring. To hire a motorbike for 2 people, you just need to pay from 17$ to 42$ depending on the duration of time (20-60 minutes).

Watching Fishermen Show: 

The Fishermen Show is considered as a unique performance about the legend of the fishing village. It features with the conservation of the fishing village’s culture, the addition of contemporary dance arts, and especially sparkle with the effect of light and hi-tech water music. Grasping the attention of tourists by the English-speaking narrative (with Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese subtitles) between performances and emotional expressions by contemporary dance, this unique show keeps them immersing into it. To directly enjoy this impressive performance, you attend at the Phan Thiet fishing village water music house, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet, right the gateway Mui Ne Resort from every evening from Wednesday to Sunday. I’sure that you will have unforgettable moments during your trip to the charming Phan Thiet.

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