5 Ways to Experience Penang That You Might Not Have Known about

The charming Penang City, Malaysia has long been famous for Gurney Drive , a popular seafront promanade and Cuisine Paradise. Moreover, it captures the eyes of tourists with interesting  activities and experiences.

Going picnic at Muka Head Cape

If you are engaged in exploring the natural beauty, you should make a visit to the National Park in Penang during your trip to this amazing city. Although it is known as one of the smallest national parks in the world, it still enables tourists to take a boat to the beautiful Muka Island and make a feast with grilled meat and seafood right there. Moreover, you might visit turtle sanctuary in Pantai Kerachut to learn their living and eating habitats as well as observe rare turtles.

Enjoy the durian

A significant number of local residents show a big love for durians, a kind of smelly fruits. This might be the reason why you can see rows of people standing in line to buy durian. If you want to buy durian at affordable prices, you should drop by the morning market near Love. If you can deal with the characteristic durian smell, you should give red flesh durian a try - a specialty of Malaysia.

Travelling by tricycle

As we all know, the best way to explore every corner of a new place is to meet up and chat with local residents. It ‘s ideal to take a tricycle to travel around the streets and engage in stories about buildings associated with the history of this amazing land. The friendly and hospitable drivers will recommend some ideal places for lunch,  interesting places that you should give them a go visit and new experiences that you can try because they are the ones who was born and grew up in this city.

Try a Toddy Cup

Travelling Penang, travelers should give Toody Cup a try,  a local drink made from coconut and jaggery. There are many places which offer this specialty, but for the reason of most highly complimented, I would recommend Ong Cheng Huat sea food restaurant or Market Lane in Georgetown.

Enjoy the beauty of Penang

There is a variety of stunning landscape in Penang that awaits your exploration.You can camp at Penang War Museum (Batu Maung), the battle in the Second World War. Or, you might make a visit to Relau, a hundred-year-old villa which features a temple nearby with the belief of preventing and removing misfortunes and devils.

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