7 Famous Places for Night Meals in Hanoi

 “Xoi Yen” (Yen sticky rice) on Nguyen Huu Huan Street is sold from 5 a.m to 1 a.m of the next day. There are many attaching foods of this dish such as eggs, pork, sausage, hams, pate and chicken, etc.  Sticky, soft, fragrant and greasy, sticky rice with chicken is one of the most favourite dishes of the restaurant.  It looks delicious and attractive because chicken is torn into strips and pour sauce on them.  The price of each sticky rice portion is not the same but you can enjoy a delicious one with the averagely 1.5$. Additionally, there are various drinks for you to choose while eating.

Porridge with Rib cartilage (Chao Suon Sun) in Dong Xuan market is the most popular dish for night meal in Old Quarter. The restaurant often opens from the beginning of the afternoon to the end of the day and is crowdest from 8 p.m. This food stall has attracted both local and foreign travelers because the bowl is full, the rib cartilage is soft and the rice is well-cooked while being priced only 1.5 $.

Bat Dan fried noodle (Pho Xao) is definitely an unforgettable night meal in Hanoi. The noodle is fairly tough and fried with fresh, soft beef and sauces. Besides, there are various ingredients to order with your noodles. It may cost from 2.5$ to 4$ for a portion.

Attracting travelers with big, soft chicken slices, medium-cooked noodle and fragrant medicinal herbs and wormwood, simmered chicken noodle on Hang Bo Street has been a popular dish for night meal of many people. You can enjoy a nice bowl of noodle with only 2$ to 2.5$.

Fragrant with grilled chopped fish and priced with only 1.5 $, fish noodle (Bun Ca) is well worth giving a try by any travelers. Because the sauce is quite hot and spicy, it is better to eat it with salads and drink a cup of tea.

Crunchy with bread and beef tendon, fragrant with thick and tasteful sauce, bread with a stewed beef tendon (Banh My Sot Vang) on Dinh Ngang Street has been alluring travelers for a long time. You can enjoy this delicious dish with only 2$ to 3$ from 3 p.m to the midnight.

“Pho Ganh” on Hang Bai Street is the rare but delicious noodle soup sold at night in Hanoi. You must have “crush” on this food by tasteful and fragrant soup, soft slices of beef and well-cooked noodles. It’s well worth eating a bowl of Pho and enjoying the purely cool air in the early morning with only 2.5$.

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