Burmese Curry - Unique Delicious Food

As the name implies, curry is the main ingredient but you can choose to eat pork, beef, lamb or seafood served with rice, side dishes, a small bowl of soup and a large tray of fresh vegetables, like pickles vegetables, stir fried vegetables and various herbs.

At the curry restaurants for Muslims, Burmese curry will be eaten with salad, greens, beans ... Curry is a dish that is present in any restaurant in Myanmar, it is not just a dish – it’s a great culinary experience.

Burmese Curry is a stylish and flavorful dish of Myanmar. At the end of the meal, you will enjoy a traditional Myanmar dessert - a traditional lacquer tray with tea, sugar from palm trees and many kinds of seed.

One interesting thing about enjoying a curry Burmese curry is that you will receive more traditional Myanmar desserts - pickled tea leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray. Visiting the traditional restaurants of Myanmar, you can eat until full and also have interesting dining experience. It's like enjoying Burmese curry.

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