Explore Ngapali Beach in Myanmar

Ngapali Beach is famous for its natural beauty with clear blue water and white smooth sand. Ngapali Beach is about 3 km long with soft white sand and is surrounded by coconut trees. This is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Myanmar.

If you like to go to peaceful places to escape crowded city and busy life, escape the stress of work and life to get closer to the tranquility of nature, Ngapali Beach will be an indispensable destination when you enjoy a 5 days 4 nights tour to Myanmar. About 7 km from Thandwe (Sandoway), Ngapali Beach is famous for its natural beauty and pristine preserved nature. Ngapali Beach is considered one of the most beautiful seawaters with sandy beaches and clear waters. It is also surrounded by many coconut trees stretching along the coast. Ngapali Beach is considered a privileged location for ones who wishes to drop into nature by biking or walking. Unlike today's Asian beaches, Ngapali Beach is completely free. There are no noisy and crowded scenes, no street vendors following you to sell souvenirs on the journey. In Ngapali, there’s only the beautiful scenery of the blue sea of white sand and the sunshine stretches. Ngapali Beach retains its original pristine. Fine sand, clear blue water and you will not see any dangerous sea animals here.

The people here are very friendly. You can go for a tour of the coastal villages. It will not be hard to see the fishermen diligently processing crabs and fish for sale to tourists.

I can assure you that no place on the Bay of Bengal is better than Ngapali. Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar. It is also one of the most pristine beaches in the world with fine white sand and crystal blue waters flowing from the Indian Ocean. Ngapali Beach is separated into sections by small fishing villages.

After relaxing on the beach under the clear blue sky you can explore the small hills behind the Strand Hotel beach. If you are on these little hills you will not be hard to find a peaceful lake where you can sit and relax fishing.

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