Homestay Springfield Cottage - A Wonderful Relaxing Paradise

Setting foot in the the Homestay Springfield Cottage, you definitely have a chance to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, your own businesses, worries, and even those whom you do not want to think of. Get there, you probably immerse yourself in a « let-me-be » without worrying about any stuff of your real life.

Situated in No.A16 / 485 R8 Phong Phu Street, Hamlet 1, Phong Phu Commune, Binh Chanh District), less than 20 minutes of travelling by motorbikes from the center of Sai Gon, the stunning Springfield Cottage homestay fascinated visitors with a « isolated space ». Don’t get me wrong, « isolated » here means the life which is totally distinguished with the hustling and bustling city. Enoticeably, this beautiful homestay has also capture visitors’ attention by « floating » huts.

As the name would suggest,  this homestay is pretty with a variety of beautiful flowers blooming along the road leading to the house. Furthermore, it offers an  impressive « miniature » of the Westtern region that enables tourists to enjoy. Get there, you have a chance to saunter along trails covered with yellow leaves, watch wild fish swimming in the lake or even enjoy the lotus blooming if you travel at its blooming duration). We are sure that you definitely indulge yourself into the quite and peaceful atmospherem, and later on, fresh yur mind. 

This homestay is currently offering 8 floating huts which is environmentally friendly. The distinct feature is that each of hut is not provided « basic » facilities, namely air-conditioners, warm water provider, TV, Wifi transmit. It is only supplied with electric fans and light bulb. Therefore, Springfield Cottage is both literally and illiterally different from the bustle of big cities.

A hut is priced at from 75$/person/night or 85$ /2 people/ night and 60$/ person / night and 75$ / 2 people/ night for the large hut and small hut respectively. This price covers bedroom, 3 meals and other services at Springfield Cottage such as growing and picking vegetables, cooking, go fishing, do kayaking, do painting, do yoga, etc.

It’s such an amazing experience to welcome the the very first rays of sunshine glowing in thin leaves, casting shadow on the rustic bridge amid the harmonious duo of birds and winds in the early morning. Visting Springfield Cottage, you can fully enjoy a meaningful weekend, in which you can set aside all the worries and concerns of life.

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