Shan Rice – Must Taste Food of Myanmar

If you come to Myanmar, you will have chance to experience  Myanmar cuisine with special dishes and different flavors, bringing different emotions. This article will introduce you to a Shan dish - Shan rice, a familiar but very strange dish.

The fragrant sticky rice is cooked with turmeric broth and eaten in combination with a freshwater fish fillet garnished with garlic oil. Along with the spices such as garlic, chili, pepper, Shan style rice is a favorite dish for spicy fans.

Shan rice is a unique dish of Myanmar. The ingredients of this dish include rice cooked with turmeric, squeezed into a circular dish, then put on a slice of fresh water fish, sprinkled with garlic oil. The top of the rice is sprinkled with a mixture of leeks root, cloves and crispy fried pig skin.

Also known as ngahtamin - fish rice, Shan rice (a tribe in Myanmar) is becoming one of the perfect choices of visitors to Myanmar. Shan people do not use much oil in cooking and do not use the fish sauce as mainly Burmese do. Instead, the Shan mainly use soy sauce to process the dish.

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