The Top Tourist Spots in Halong Bay

If you want explore this amazing place, you should take a sightseeing tour to the "Quang Ninh in miniature" in the unique museum right in Halong Bay. Or, you might take a visit to Dragon Park, the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. This park belongs to the complex of Sun World Group Park offering more than 30 adventure games of international safety standard. Therefore, it is an ideal destination to have unforgettable experiences. Moreover, you definitely hold a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from the height of 215 meters compared to sea level at the Sun Wheel, one of the largest wheel in the world.

A worth experience in Quang Ninh is to lay down leisurely on the cruise to enjoy the fresh sea breezes and wonderful scenery of the bay.

 Quang Ninh Museum- “Quang Ninh in miniature” in Ha Long 

It is a common stereotype that museum is a rather “formal” place serving for the main purposes of visiting and observing because visitors seem to ignore everything right they get out of the museum. However, it’s no longer “true” in the case of Quang Ninh Museum library. This attraction is more fascinating.

Quang Ning museum and library is considered a unique architecture. Observing the outside of this amazing museum, many young guys probably speak up the word "wow". It is because this stunning architecture features the impressive word’s font of the museum’s name, high stairs, and the dark glasses comparing to the natural giant mirror which reflects the immense nature of Ha Long. These plus points are powerful enough for visitors to capture a dozen of “virtual” photos.

If you set foot in the museum, you are certainly astonished by the large space. Divided into three floors, Quang Ninh Museum provides visitors with a complete view of the local nature and people.

The first floor is the exhibition of the sea and nature. The historical relics, from prehistory to modern, the first and second Indochina Wars, Yen Tu spiritual and cultural space,.. are displayed on the second floor. The highest floor of the building exhibits images reflecting entire history of coal mining.

Although it is a museum, the design and decoration follow the modern and perfect style that enables this unique museum to be an attractive destination to young people. Additionally, the airy and “full-of-light” space is worth mentioning.

The museum opens on weekdays from 8 a.m to 5 p.m,  except for Monday. The fare is priced at 1,5$ and approximately 1$/ turn per adult and student respectively. Moreover, the price of tickets  for a child/turn is much lower, just half a dollar. 

Experiencing more than 30 adventurous games at Dragon Park

If you travel in group and engage in exploration, you should give “adventurous games” in Dragon Park a try. It promises to bring about unforgettable experiences for you like other amusement parks do. This is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia, right!

It is said that only little kids go to the amusement park. In other words, the park is the paradise of the children. However, this slogan is not that of the amazing Dragon Park because it enables adults to have fun, relaxing, then memorable moments when becoming its guests. All of us are highly welcomed to this park. Noticeably, dragon theme park is under the management of the Sun World Group Park complex which provides more than 30 games of all kinds, from the super adventurous bringing about the feeling of being conquered to the familiar childhood games no longer exist in big cities.

All the games are sophisticatedly designed, impressively and, of course, absolutely safe. Game machines and facilities are imported and meet the European standards to ensure a safe and complete experience for visitors. Furthermore, the other plus point of the park is the amazing space that makes visitors comfortable right it’s crowded. 

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