Top 3 Best Places to Eat Xôi in Hanoi

Attractive with soft and fragrant grains of sticky rice as well as tasteful accompaniments, these kinds of sticky rice (Xoi) definitely satisfy your appetite for food, even to picky eaters.

1. Yen Phu ”Char Xiu” (Barbeque pork) sticky rice (Xoi)

Compared with other sticky rice shops in Hanoi, the most striking feature of Yen Phu Char Xiu sticky rice is the Char Xiu that is not sold in every shop. After a long time of serving this tasteful dish, meat is objectively complimented soft, neither “tough” nor “lean”. Therefore, it is the most favorite dish in this shop.

In addition, stewed pork and pate are probably worth mentioning. Pork liver pate is “tough” enough to ensure its best tastes of meat and liver. In term of stewed meat, it is well-cooked instead of “crushed” to offer the tasteful and fragrant taste of meat. However, according to many customers, the weak point of this shop is the “variable”quality of rice.

This shop starts working from the early morning to the late night, noticeably Char Xiu is always sold out soon. Paying 2$ to 2,5$, you will have a full belly afterward. It is definitely worth enjoy this tasteful dish at this reasonable price compared to other shops. Moreover, this shop provides customers with comfortable space though it’s quite small.

2. Xoi Xeo on Hang Bai Street

Perhaps, the gourmets in Hanoi have been familiar to Xoi Xeo of Ms. May (Chi May) on Hang Bai Street (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) for 20 years. According to a gourmet, this dish is delicious as "lard, green beans, and sticky rice release wonderful flavor into her mouth". It must be a “mouth-watering” dish.

Xoi of this food stall is very popular, sold at less than a dollar/portion. Inspite of its cheap price, the ingredients have clear and reliable origins. The wrap is carefully added in a layer of banana leaves and sticky rice is bought in a regular rice house in Bac Ninh. In terms of ham, crispy fried onions and grinding green beans are all made by her family to ensure their good taste and quality.

In addition to Xoi Xeo, she also sold corn Xoi, but the former one is still highly preferred. Every day, she sells 2-3 big baskets of Xoi. Moreover, she starts packing at 6.30 a.m, but about 9:30 a.m, she will sell out everything, regardless of the weather.

3. Ba Son’s Xoi (Grandmother Son’s sticky rice) on Cau Go Street

Grandmother Son’ sticky rice has been popular with gourmets in Hanoi as one of the most tasteful dish for night meal.This food stall has been opened for 20 years so far and, of course, has protected its good name, too. At 7 to 8, if you walk down to Cau Go Street, passing through Hoan Kiem Lake, you certainly see her food stall showed neatly. Her guests have been familiar to the thing that they need to wait in the queue to be enjoyed a portion for many years.

This tasteful dish definitely satisfies customers’ appetite for food with fragrant and soft grains of rice accompanied by stewed duck’s eggs and pork. You are mesmerized by soft, tasteful and fragrant slices of meat, which create wonderful flavor in your mouth right after chewing them. To enjoy its best taste, don’t forget to pour the fragrant taste onto your sticky rice. You must be astonished by its taste. Give it a try!

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