Huai Nam Dang National Park - A Unique Experience in Chiang Mai

Coming to Chiang Mai, although Pai is so famous, why don’t you try to go a little further north to see rustic Huay Nam Dang? Huay Nam Dang is not as famous as Pai, but is the most beautiful place in Thailand with a fog ocean.

Huay Nam Dang is located on the top of a hill in the same mountain range as Chiang Dao. The temperature here can be very cold from October to December with mist all over the corner, like lifting small towns among the fog.

Huay Nam Dang was formerly an anonymous land and has only recently awakened tourism potential in recent years. Set in the midst of beautiful natural surroundings, this place is widely believed to be the perfect place to escape the bustle of Chiang Mai.

The road to Huay Nam Dang is not so easy and that is probably why so many tourists do not know this place. However, the fairytale scene of this place will not leave you overcome all the difficulties along the way.

Coming to Huay Nam Dang, you will be immersed in beautiful natural scenery, green scenery of trees and endless sea of cloud would make you want to stay here. 

Huay Nam Dang has just started to be famous in recent years and is gradually becoming a tourist destination that attracts "thousands of people" when many visitors come here to camp to watch the sunrise.

Huay Nam Dang is located about 109 km northwest of Chiang Mai. At the bus station of Chiang Mai, there is always a bus daily to Huay Nam Dang with a travel time of 3 hours.

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