30 Years Making Sizzling Cakes, Yet Still Sizzling Indeed

Lying in the corner of Hoang Dieu street (Danang), the chief is making a dozen of hot pans, but still not enough to serve a great number of guests waiting for their cakes.

For such a long time, banh xeo Ba Duong (Mrs. Duong’s sizzling cakes) have always left a mark on the memory of local people. Even though the price has already reached nearly 3$ per dish, people constantly pour in her stall every day. 30 years have passed, yet somehow Mrs.Duong and her family can keep the original flavor exclusive to the region.

Mrs. Truong Thi Lai, the 77-year-old current owner of the food store, said that the ingredients must be carefully chosen and prepared in order for the cakes to be crispy. We have to use Xiec Rice in Quang Nam added with turmeric powder (for the color) and soak in water for 4 hours so that the rice can be soft.

To make a good sizzling cake, you will need a quite big fire when pouring the mixture of rice flour, water, and other ingredients into a hot pan. Next, we put bean sprouts, beef, shrimp on the cake until the cake is done and folded in half. The special feature in a sizzling cake in this place is that there is an egg putting in the cake to make it richer and better-tasting.

There will be a raw vegetable, julienne papaya, and a hot plate of sizzling cake awaiting you in Banh Xeo Ba Duong.

However, the most special feature in this place is the one-of-a-kind sauce creating based on a secret recipe of Mrs. Duong.

The staffs in the food store are mainly relatives, and although there are about 30 staffs, it is still difficult to serve all guests at night. Moreover, the store is opened from 9:00 am till 22:00 pm, but when too crowded, the store will run out of ingredients. Most of the time, visitors should come before 5 pm to avoid waiting.

Besides sizzling cakes, the place also offers “rice noodle with grilled meat” and a plate of grilled beef, which cost about 2$ and 4$ respectively. Other special dish is lemongrass skewer (Nem Lui), consisting of minced pork, put on a bamboo skewer and grilled. For just 5000 VND, you can try out this delicious food in the cool night of Da Nang.

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