Explore The Charming Inle Lake

The peaceful life in Inle Lake

The image of boats sailing in the early morning, fishermen rowing boats and birds hunting for food… have featured Inle Lake, one of the two-largest freshwater lakes grasping peaceful and romantic beauty in Myanmar.

If you visit Myanmar without drop by Inle Lake (or inlay), it must be a big regret. The name of “Inle” means a large lake – one of two largest freshwater lakes. The lake belongs to Shan State, about 600 kilometers from Bagan and spreads an area of about 220 km2, the deepest about 6 meters.

From Bagan, you might take a bus to get Inle Lake. In order to fully explore the beauty of the lake, you should get there from 8 p.m to 4.30h of the next day. The bus fare is 11,000 kyat per person and visiting fare is 12,500 kyat per person. This visiting expense does not offer the train. Therefore, you must hire a boat which can carry 4 guests at the price of 12,000 kyats per day.

The ideal time to visit the lake is at 5.30 a.m. You definitely enjoy the cold air and foggy frosty weather of the morning at 15oC.

The sun begins to rise at 6 p.m. The very first sunlights of the morning that shine into the mist create a sparkling and alluring scene. This definitely makes you love at the first sight.

In addition to the immense beauty, Lake Inle impresses its visitors by the “weird” fishing method- rowing with one foot of fishermen.

The fishermen clamped their other leg in a cage. This cage will be raised high and lowered into the water.The thin nets around the cage prevent fishes from escaping. Some of them thrash the oars into the water to chase fishes into cages.

This traditional fishing method is considered to be environmentally friendly and safe for the ecological system of the lake.

The hovering seagulls on surface of the sea…

The fishermen start their catching journey when the frosts evaporate from the surface of the lake. Morning light probably makes it alluring as a charming water painting.

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The sun climbs higher in the sky at 8 a.m. The gentle lake reflects the shadow of traditional stilt houses.

Inle Lake is home to Inthar people, a minority ethnic group in Myanmar. In Myanmar, Inthar means "lake-dweller".

You might see baby boys and girls selling Thanaka, a long-lasting traditional powder of this country. Thanaka Powder is said to be cool to the skin, tighten pores and prevent X-rays of sunlight.

Thakana powder is shaped in cubes. To put it on your face, you have to rub it on the “kyauk pyin” (a special dish made of stone), mix the powder with the water, then apply a thin layer on your face. All Burmese people use Thakana and consider it a great pride.

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