Exploring The Cloud – and – Star Paradise 150 Kilometers from Hanoi

If you do not have enough time to travel to the Northwest of the country to explore the “breath – taking” cloud paradises of Ta Xua and Y Ty, you could definitely make a visit to the charming Dong Cao wild prairie that is only 150 kilometers from Hanoi.

Located in Thach Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang, the 600 meters – high Dong Cao Steppe has fascinated visitors by the flat terrain, vast lush green lawn, and cool and fresh air all year round. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for camping for families and young travelers. Giving it a try, you surely grasp “unforgettable” moments and “nice” pictures to “show off” with your friends.

Passing such a winding road of the gentle terraced rice fields and the scattered Dao village, we “embraced” two memorable days in Dong Cao. Tent, fire, all necessary gadget were all available so that we could fully enjoy 2 – day vacation in this amazing land. There is one thing interesting that the local residents offer firewood, place of setting up the tent, even burn the fire for you, so every thing is ready for a warmly BBQ party, dance, and sing. How amazing!

When it was getting dark and the fire was burned, we faced an amazing scene that seemed to “melten” our little heart. We saw the sparkling “full – of – star” sky that we could not see in the city. To fully enjoy that “extraordinary” scenery and moment, we just lay leisurely on the grass and reach the hand to the sky. Surely, you also can’t help being “mesmerized”’ by that scene.

If you get there, you should wake up early to greet the charming dawn and “hunt” the cloud that seems to be touched by your hand. You must be “overwhelmed” by the cloud paradise facing you. The images of the thick white clouds “blanket” the whole valley and the golden sun “bathed” the sky are surely “ one – of – all – kind” scenery that you have a chance to witness in your life. I called my friend to climb up to the mountain to watch the exhilarating sunrise and captured that moment with the camera on our hands.

The higher it gets, the more extraordinary and immense the cloud paradise is. Only a moment later, we had a chance to see the first rays of sunshine sparkling in the thick clouds, red and yellow color mixed to create the most charming dawn that I have ever seen. Then the sky is blue and the sunshine bathes in the whole prairie. 

Standing on the steppe, you definitely see little boy raising buffalos. Thus, you will see how peaceful and tranquil the life is. As a result, Dong Cao is really an ideal place to "escape" away from the urban life for those who do not have much time at the weekend. 

The best time that you should make a visit to Dong Cao is the summer (from June to August) to avoid rain and the autumn (from September to November). Bear in mind, you should prepare all necessary things for camping and clear the garbage before leaving.

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