Want to be Yourself During a Trip? Travel with Your Best Friends!

If you have never brought your friends on a journey, then it certainly a big mistake while you are young. It is said that the memories you made with your best friends will always be a story to be told in the future. Here are the top reasons why you should plan your upcoming trip with your best friends. It is time to make a little adventure once in a lifetime!.

1.    They are the most patience person in the world (with you at least)

Truth to be told, only your best friends understand your personal tastes the most, especially when it comes to selfie and the likes. Imagining the time when you travel alone or with a family and you have to ask a stranger to hold a camera for you. Perhaps you will satisfy with none, out of 1000 photos taken, if you have the courage to ask them by the way. Having a friend beside you is a great way to ensure that you will always have a perfect picture on your Instagram during a trip.

2.    Now you have a team for thrilling activities

When you and your family come across a Bungee Jumping, you would not ask your father or mother to play with you since they would not agree anyway. Instead of playing alone or passing the game and say nothing, bring a friend along and convince him(her) to join you or  the other way around. Either way, you will have a fun time together.  

3.    Stop or rest whenever you want

One of the most disadvantage of group traveling is that each person will have a different health and stamina. What if you are not really “fit” and you group is consist of adventurers? It is only possible to accept the reality and keep continue on traveling. However, with your best friends right next to you, you can stop midway, and chat or take photos. Even when you are shopping together and feel sleepy, take them back to the hotel and have a nap. 
4.    Easier to plan out your trip

Since you are technically a team, sharing tasks would be much easier than usual. For instance, you may find a place to stay and your friend may look up for a list of must-see locations.

5.    Strengthen your friendship

It is hard to believe your friendship will not be stronger after planning a trip, spend time exploring and discovering and make little adventure together. And as mentioned, a trip with your friends can be a mark in your history, a story for younger generations.  

6.    Same personal interests

If you desire an thrilling experience, it will be hard to travel with people who just want to laze on the beach all the time. As most people becoming friends because of their hobby or interests, you will, no doubt, have a companion to explore every corners of the city. 

7.    Have a better understanding

Not all journeys are without problems, some of which will make you scratch your head. However, your best friend will be there to help you in difficult situations since people always say “two heads is better than one”. For instance, if you have a limit budget, both of you may want to share the cost or if you are a vegetarian and your friends decide to find some suitable restaurants to dine. 

8.    Be a “little bit” crazy in public

We ussually tend to be shy in front of strangers or our family, yet with our friends, things can become a bit “weird”. Beginning with a yoga pose or creating a fun picture next to a statue is completly normal for your friend and sometimes, they will join you too.  

9.    Less luggage to bring along

Sometimes, you can share with your friends a bottle of suncream, camera, laptop or maybe a hair dryer. As a result, the luggage will be lighter, saving space for a wave of upcoming shopping on your trip. 

10.    Remain secure beside trusting friends

Your best friends will consider you like their family and protect you when they need to. Being sick on the way, forget your wallet somewhere or drop your phone while walking are typical situations you may meet and they will help you greatly. Additionally, your family will not be too concerned while you travel alongside a friend.

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