Witness the Floating Restaurant by the Sea - A Must-visit Location in An Lam Retreat

Located in a unity of Earth and the Sea in Ninh Van Bay, An Lam Retreat serves as a wonderful resort for tourists from all over the world. Not only the place has a natural beauty but also has the utmost privacy for travelers.

Often be ignored by a lot of tourists, An Lam Retreat, also called Ka Lam Retreat Ninh Van Bay, has wondrous views which can rival that of "neighboring resorts". When we mention about An Lam Retreat's unique features, visitors usually comment on the peaceful atmosphere adding with dreamy scenery in Ninh Van Bay.

However, the floating restaurant is one particular place that immediately captures the curious mind of tourists in An Lam retreat. Built with unique design like a lotus and materials taken directly from the wild, visitors will have a chance to immerse in the stunning nature in the bay.

The food is carefully prepared by an experienced chef from the very first step of choosing fresh ingredients from the sea. Combining the finest of cuisine from the West and Vietnamese traditional dishes, it is always a great pleasure to dine in this special restaurant.  

Otherwise, An Lam Retreat presents a huge opportunity to explore the wilderness of Vietnam consisting of a natural waterfall, turquoise beach, and vast golden sand. Accommodation includes 34 luxurious villas, situated among nature and equipped with handmade products in the country such as Bat Trang Pottery.

Your options range from Bay View Villa, Beach Pool Villa to the Beachfront Pool Villa, which lies near the beach and has an exclusive swimming pool. Especially, there is the Jungle Rock Villa created to bring the most relaxing moment in the forest of Hon Neo Peninsula.

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