5 Reasons to Travel By Motorbike in Vietnam

Vietnam is said to be one of the best choices for tourists for their Indochina tour packages thanks to its many world heritages, well-preserved nature, long-term history and rich culture. Among a lot of travel services and various vehicles, many tourists from different countries choose motorbikes as their friends to discover Vietnam more deeply. If you are wondering why, we would like to bring to you 5 reasons to travel by motorbike in Vietnam.

1. A combined trip of cultural and natural discovery

Touring by motorbikes helps you get into the mysterious regions of Vietnam, which you cannot experience in other normal group tours. Particularly, you can challenge yourself travel on the most dangerous passes of northern Vietnam, or narrow rugged jungle paths or hill trails where no cars and buses can reach. Moreover, the motorbike tours in Vietnam always guarantee you the opportunity to explore the real life of local people, especially those in remote areas. Thus, you will be able to not only admire stunning landscape but also extend your knowledge of Vietnamese culture.

2. Good Food

Vietnam is widely well-known for a rich culinary culture with a lot of beautiful specialties. Travelling to this country will sure offer you the chance to taste some of them, which will definitely delight you. Actually, you can choose among a wide range of choices of transportation to transfer from regions to regions in Vietnam during your culinary tour. However, you can only experience a unique cuisine in remote areas in Vietnam by motorbike. Because riding a motorbike is very convenient for you to pay a visit to some local families in mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam or some floating villages in central Vietnam, where you can observe and experience many unique dishes made by the local.

3. Beautiful Routes

It is understandable that Vietnam is an ideal destination for motorbike expeditions thanks to its diverse terrain and magnificent scenery. If you come to Vietnam just to have a look at some outstanding attractions or famous and touristy ones like Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An, NhaTrang then you will not see the real Vietnam. Our real Vietnamese routes for motorbike are located far away from the cities, they can be the tranquil countryside roads where you can admire rustic villages and immense rice paddies, they can be the adventurous pass roads where you can conquer the highest mountains in Indochina, they can be long seaside roads where you can experience a wide range of terrains throughout 3 regions in Vietnam.

4. Friendly Locals

When travelling by cars, buses or boats, you might reach your destinations easily and stably but you cannot meet and communicate with the locals during the trip like travelling by motorbike does. Not like the ones who are running business or selling stuffs in big cities, the Vietnamese local people in the countryside are always helpful and friendly. Most of them just are not familiar with seeing foreigners in their areas, so do not feel unsecure when they glance at you all the time. You will soon recognize that they are always ready to help you in every situation. Ride and meet some now!

5. Flexibility

Taking a motorbike trip will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the most comfortable experience ever when you can do whatever you like, rest whenever you need or stop wherever you want to take beautiful photos. Besides, you can feel free to choose your own roads, or experience many obscured trails firsthand.

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