Dalat - A Charming Highland in Vietnam

No one can deny that Da Lat is the central city of Lam Dong province, Viet Nam with the all-year-round cool weather, romantic pine tree forests, awe-inspiring flower fields, French boulevards and villas from the colonial period. 
Are you eager for visiting this paradise land?
If ‘YES’, let’s take following top 5 worth-spending-time destinations into consideration when making plan to ‘get lost’ in Da Lat of special miracles.

1. LangBiang Mountain

Being called the “roof” of Da Lat, LangBiang Mountain not only is an impressive tourist attraction but also hides legends about a passionate love. 
According to the elderly, there was a love story of K’Lang (a boy of Lat minority people) and Ho-Biang (a girl of Chil minority people). Nonetheless, due to different tribes, Ho-Biang could not getmarried to K’ Lang. Hence, they had to choose the death to entirely keep their affection and oppose the draconian customary law. The tombs of Lang and Biang then turned into two mountains standing with each other thatmany generations are familiar with calling them with the name LangBiang .
Nowadays, LangBiang has been known for its multiform biology of plants, animals and adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, conquering high peaks, paragliding, and trekking.
Surely, a trip to LangBiang Mountain is one of the ideal excursions inVietnam.

2. Valley of Love

Because of proudly possessing tiny streams, lush green lawns and rolling hills, Valley of Love has been selected as the most poetic and dreaming destination for those who are on Vietnam honeymoon holidays.

You will seem to be lost in a dreaming paradise with a wonderful array of magical space when immersing in the windy nature. Valley of Love also attracts the huge number of travelers from different corners of the country and all over the world by interesting activities, such as canoe - pedalo, tandem bicycle, horseback riding, aerial gliders, jeep excursions or ancient trains and paint- gunfights.

3. Da Lat Railway Station

Da Lat Railway Station is one of the most unique French monuments that tourists cannot miss when coming to Da Lat. 
The station started its construction in 1932 and completed in 1938. With a total length of 87km railway from Phan Rang to Da Lat, the station is strongly influenced by French architectural style. Annually, a wide range of visitors all over the country as well as foreign nations come there to explore and take nicest photos. Moreover, this station is also an ideal place to record sacred moments right at the old trains existing over the time for wedding photographs. 
Retaining the old and impressive beauty, Da Lat Railway Station is definitely a must-see tourist site in the journey of exploring Da Lat.

4. Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Zen monastery was designed by Mr. Ngo Viet Thu, who used to design Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City. Situated in a mighty mountaintop called Phoenix Summit, this monastery has great views of Tuyen Lam Lake and the surrounding highlands, where you can “leave this world of dust'', hide away from everyday worries and regain yourself in the greatness of nature. Visiting Truc Lam Zen Monastery in the quietness of hills and mountains, you can wander around the grounds for hours that’s lined with fragrant and pine trees.

5. Tiger Waterfall

Tiger Waterfall is a pristine landscape nestling in the pine forests surrounding Da Lat. 
According to a Chil's ethnic legend, there used to be a very fierce tiger living in this area, causing lots local people's death. A brave Chil warrior killed the tiger to save his village. There is currently a statue of that brave warrior drawing his bow close to the waterfall. Under the waterfall is a large den where has been said to be the home of the tiger, so that people named the fall "Tiger's Den". Besides, pine trees and creepers grow up around the falls and the water is clean enough to have a refreshing dip in the rock pools.

You see, you will surely enjoy the feeling that can be found nowhere when setting foot on this wonderful land!

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