Myanmar - Perfect Winter Escape in 2017

Have you planned to take excursion to somewhere for seeking warmth in this winter? 
If your answer is ‘YES’, let’s check out 6 following reasons why running off to Myanmar where combines all of ideal conditions including the cool weather as well as breathtaking sceneries is a superb idea.

1. A trip to the Shwezigon Pagoda certainly warms everyone’s spirit.

Actually, no trip including your Bagan tour to Myanmar would be perfectly completed without stopping by the Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan. Unrivaled in sheer awesomeness of gold-leaf decorations, the Shwezigon heartedly welcome thousands of visitors who come here every month. Specifically, it is worth for you to get there by Strand cruise in order to walk on for a cooler, quieter, and more spiritual in the afternoon when the Myanmar’s sunset gets started.

2. Instead of shoveling through snow in winter, why don't you try exploring one of Myanmar’s spectacular caves?

With a modest amount of population that is half a million, Hpa-An still maintains a rarely-noisy town. Excitingly, Kayin State's central city is proudly given special gifts by Mother Nature when being surrounded by dramatic, rugged landscape and several amazing caves. In particular, Saddan cave possesses a breathtaking beauty which can lure you easily. Located approximately 17 miles from Hpa-An, this cave is not only a hollow of wonderment but also famous for its Buddha wall carvings.

3. Sailing around the mostly untouched Mergui Archipelago islands

If you want to explore the potential beauty of mysterious lands of Myanmar, sailing around Mergui Archipelago islands as much as you can with a view to feeling something new, something unique or even something entirely different is a rewarding selection. Mergui Archipelago cruises definitely do not let you miss out on every corners of this earth’s last paradise.

4. Trading mulled wine for a glass of vino with a view at Inle Lake

There are no more wonderful things than drinking in a gorgeous view of Inle Lake in Shan State from atop Red Mountain Estate. Located approximately three miles outside of Nyaung Shwe, vineyards as well as the winery seem to see the whole of the southern tip of the lake and surrounding areas. In case of having too much wine to be consumed, wandering back instead of riding a bike is always a viable option.

5. Trekking away somewhere for exploration 
Hsipaw in Shan State which is surrounded by ‘no-go-zones’ has landed a reputation for its hilly treks because of a perfect safety. This area is outstanding when generously giving backpackers more sense of a rural Myanmar's genuine glimpse. Obviously, most people tend to regard it as a relaxed, quiet destination with a collection of cultural and historical values.

6. Taking part in making local handicrafts for perfect Christmas gifts 
Taking a trip to Myanmar at the beginning of the winter season will give you superb opportunities to seek for several unique handmade products which can be used as special gifts for welcoming Christmas. Let's make this idea come true by supporting Burmese artisans at tiny local markets as much as possible.

To sum up, January which provides all of ideal travel conditions is one of the most worthy months for taking a trip to Myanmar. Nevertheless, this peak travel season also needs you to book accommodation and excursions early with the aim of experiencing what makes Myanmar the perfect winter escape.

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