Things to See in Saigon at Night

Happened to be the top economic cultural political center of Vietnam, Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City must be an unmissable destination in your Indochina holiday packages. Beyond impressive architectural and historical sites to see during day time, the beauty of the city is also showed up at night, when a wide range of nightlife activities is waiting to be discovered. After reading this post, you might have some ideas of things to see in Saigon at night.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue is one of the few walking streets in Saigon, which allows you to experience a wide range of Saigon nightlife activities. Setting foot in this spot, you will be amazed by a large system of full-of-fun groups of people including both Saigon residents and foreign tourists. It is time for you to observe a lot of interesting activities and fun games hosted by the local consisting of traditional folk games, singing contests, dances etc. If you are interested, then you can feel free to take part in these games to communicate with friendly Vietnamese people and learn more about the culture.

For those who want to experience Vietnam food tours, then a visit to Nguyen Hue Street won't be a disappointment. Indeed, you have a various choices of street food here thanks to a lot of local food stalls on the sidewalk and on both sides of the street including many not-to-be-missed specialties of Saigon.

Moreover, you can spend time admiring the streets on many rooftop and street-viewed cafes, where you can take good photos of nightlife in Saigon.

Bui Vien Street

For some expats working or living in Saigon for years, Bui Vien Street must be one of their favorite spots in Saigon when the night falls. Located at the heart of District 1, it is the most bustling and exciting street for international tourists to stay and chill out thanks to a wide range of charming restaurants, party-all-night backpacker hostels and nice coffee shops. On weekends, the street turns into a walking heaven for you to witness many traditional art shows, folk music and local activities.
Bui Vien is also well-known for best sidewalk beer shops in Saigon, where expats and natives sit together on plastic chairs, drink beer, chat and taste attractive street foods. You will be absolutely surprised to taste the freshest cups of beer ever in Saigon at pretty reasonable prices.

Ben Thanh Night Market

Ben Thanh Night Market happens to be the biggest and must-see of its kind in Saigon, where you can experience a real shopping trip in this bustling city. Ben Thanh Market is not only the symbol of Saigon but also an extremely important spot for the daily life of Saigon city. The night market, which often takes place on Phan Boi Chau Street from 19:00 to 23:00, is a great place for you to buy souvenir stuffs, handicrafts, essential households and a large number of Saigon specialties. Once arrived, you will find it quite hard to reach all corners and blocks in the market because of its large area, then you might feel satisfied and pleasure to see some local trading activities and customs or many unique goods you will not see often in your country.

Saigon Opera House

If you are eager to see the beauty of architectural buildings in Saigon at night, then paying a visit to Saigon Opera House is a must. Built in the late 19th century by a French architect, Saigon Opera House or Municipal Theater will be an ideal place for you to take some good photos of its well-preserved design and learn more about the influence of the French on Saigon’s culture and architecture. At night, the building turns into a mysteriously beautiful spots because of being shined by a large system of electric lights.

The Opera House is still used for staging both Opera shows and a wide range of modern & traditional folk music and dances, which guarantees you the opportunity to enjoy Vietnamese art performances in your free time.

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