Top 5 Unique Markets in Myanmar

Referring to Myanmar, most people only think of a magnificent country with temples, pagodas, architecture or sculpture. But Myanmar also has a large of good markets where you can buy many traditional as well as cultural items.
Let’s take a look the following top 5 markets to see how these destinations attract many tourists around the world when they come to our Myanmar private tours.

1. BogyokeAung San Market

BogyokeAung San Market, sometimes called by its old British name, Scott Market, is the most popular market in Myanmar. It is situated on BogyokeAung San Road, in the heart of Yangon. This market has more than 2000 shops with a variety of luxury and interesting items – from local ingredients, trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear to homewares, jewelry, medicine, and antiques. There are also food stalls where visitors can try exotic dishes like spicy fried pig’s ears, tongues, intestine, and many traditional recipes of Myanmar in the market.

2. TheingyiZei Market

TheingyiZei is one of the most sprawling and lively markets in Yangon among the locals. There are a variety of cheap things sold in this daily market with housewares and clothing, as well as traditional herbs, cosmetics, and medicines. This place is well-known for traditional herbal shampoo, made by boiling the bark of the Tayaw shrub with acacia pods, which helps Myanmar women’s hair smooth and glossy. Moreover, TheingyiZay is also the top nightlife spot in Yangon with bars, discos, and karaoke at night.

3. Pakokku's Local Market
Located not too far from Bagan. Pakokku Market town will be definitely a must-visit market to put in your bucket list. The city was once a very important trading port in Myanmar, but it's still happening to be a bustling trading center between Yaw Rivers and the Chindwin. Visiting the market, you will have the access to the best agricultural products of the country such as peanuts, rice, sesame etc.

Pakokku is an interesting to walk around. You can also walk away from the city center to the archaeological site of Pakhangyi.
To reach Pakokku and its interesting market, you can catch the daily local buses, ride your own motorbike or join an exclusive itinerary with the Sanctuary Ananda Cruise.

4. Jade Market

Jade Market is widely considered to be the best quality of stone and gems in Myanmar. You will see thousands of people gather to cut, polish, and trade the precious stones every morning here. Therefore, if you are interested in the beauty of stones, gems, and jewelry, Jade Market is absolutely a great choice for you.

5. Zegyo Market

Located in downtown Mandalay and built during the reign of King Mindon, Zegyo Market is the oldest, busiest, and most central markets of the city. In Burmese, Zegyohas a meaning is 'cheap price'. Most of the daily products are sold in here from vegetables, citrus fruit, cotton, wheat, tobacco, personal items to more senior items such as jewelry and handmade products. Along the market, it is easy to buy gold embroidery, gold leaf or gilded souvenirs in jewelry stores. A large number of travelers visit here to get the feeling of Myanmar’s life with rich culture and friendly of local people. 

In conclusion, the above are top 5 popular markets in Myanmar. If you wondering how to get these destinations, it will be beneficial to let myanmarrivercruises help you.

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