Delicious food that you should enjoy when visiting Sapa

Sapa is famous for its beautiful sceneries, cool and cold weather all year round. Moreover, it also attracts visitors with its unique and delicious food which have the flavor of the Northwest Forests. When traveling to Sapa, you will be immersed in the majestic mountains, watched the scene of the busy markets, and enjoyed the famous food. If you eat once, you will always remember the special taste of Sapa food. Next, I will introduce you some dishes in Sapa you should enjoy while traveling to this beautiful town.

1. Lam Rice

It is known as a typical dish of the Northwestern. If you have an opportunity to try once, you can remember its taste. Lam Rice is simply made from ​​sticky rice cooked in the bamboo tube. When traveling other places in Vietnam, you enjoyed this dish many times. But in Sapa, this dish is different from other countrysides. because of its taste. To have the best taste, local residents must choose the best kind of sticky rice, use stream water and use the fresh bamboo tube to cook. When enjoying this dish, you can add a bit sesame to have the most wonderful taste.

2. Grilled stream fish

Visitors to Sapa cannot miss the grilled stream fish. Fishes usually live in streams and there are many different types. Straight white fish such as ditch fish, flower fish, goby and so on The stream fish is not big. It is just the same as fingers or knife handle. after caught by people, they are grilled on the banks of the stream and enjoyed. Stream fishes have delicious meat and soft bones. frying them is very attractive. Besides, you can also cook, store or steamed.

3. Salmon

Salmon is a dish of Northern Europe and the Americas, but you can still enjoy Salmon Salad, Salmon Hotpot or Grilled Salmon in Sapa. The salmon in Sapa has the delicious taste, beautiful pink color, and high nutritional value. Salmon are attractive dishes that you should not miss when coming to Sapa.

4. Cai Meo

Cai Meo is one of the famous dishes in Sapa. It is usually grown in stone niches or in the garden. It has a dark green and curly leaves. There are two types of vegetables. One is a hairy leaf and two is a smooth leaf. Hairy leaf tastes quite crispy and it is often processed by the people to serve customers, stir-fried with buffalo meat or beef. Its taste is very delicious. The other way is cutting off each piece of Cai Meo into the pot of fish or Thang Co. You will feel the wonderful flavor of this forest vegetables.

5. Seven colors sticky rice

This is a traditional dish of the people living in Sapa. Seven colors of sticky rice like pink, scarlet, red, yellow blue, blue, green and yellow are all made from natural forest leaves, so sticky rice has more color. This dish attracts many visitors' attraction because of its exclusive and taste.

6. Carried-under-arm pigs

In Sapa in particular and in the Northwest in general, there is a small kind of pigs and it is commonly called armpit pigs which are brought up naturally. Those pigs can search for food for themselves on the hill or in the forest. After about one year, they are killed for meat. Its taste is extremely delicious. Ther are many ways to process. You can roast, boil, steam or make dry meat.

7. Sapa Peach

Sapa Peach has a sweet and sour taste. It is not the same as other kinds of peach. When it is ripe, there is myriad of peaches for people to gather and its smell is very aromatic. The fruit is extremely popular with visitors. Sapa peaches have a mix of sweet and sour taste. Guests should enjoy this fruit when visiting this land.

8. Horse Meat ( Thang Co)

Horse Meat, in Vietnam it is called "Thang Co". It is a unique dish of Mong ethnic group in Sapa. It is usually made from meat, gut, heart or liver of horse and 12 main unique spices including cardamom, cinnamon, citronella, ginger and many other spices. Thang Co often eats with Cai Meo, kohlrabi together with corn wine. When enjoying this dish, visitors can feel comfortable and refreshing.

9. Black Chicken

This is a special chicken of Mong ethnic because skin, bone, and chicken meat are all black. Its taste is delicious and crispy. When coming to Sapa, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy baked black chicken with honey together with lemon salt. It is extremely a wonderful experience.

10. Sapa mushrooms

Sapa mushrooms are grown on chestnut trees in the deep forests of Hoang Lien Son Range. The characters of this kind of mushrooms are big and extremely aromatic. It is different from other kinds of mushrooms that we often see in other countrysides. Mushrooms are used for cooking soup or fried with meat. Guests can also enjoy or buy mushrooms as gifts for friends and relatives. That is really a meaningful present!

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